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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Xplay party rocccccccck!

I was so glad and thankful that I was invited by Nuffnang to the Xplay party last friday! Once again, Thank you nuffnang! *smooches* 

Was having lotsa fun with the bunch!!! Enjoyed free flow of carslberg, and danced to the music played by famous DJs, pretty sums up my friday aka party night! Adore Tenashar and Vera C ttm cause they are so gorgeous and talented! Awwww the way they spin <3 font="font">

Arrived Mixx around 9.30pm and it was pretty crowded already. Too bad we couldn't get a table in front cause we did not have any reservation that night. Anyway, we still had fun, the thing that matters is the people who you went with :)

The xpax booth located right outside Mixx, people who bought a new simcard from Celcom get to enjoy free flow as well! 

Tips : way to cover your tummy, CLUTCH
Was so depressed that night cause everyone was telling me that I gained weights! and yes, I gained like few kgs. Omasighhhh. Just a week holiday and I became a fatty bum bum! I'm so determined to diet right now! 

Met Miyuki whom I met last time during my freelance job. I was literally Whoa when I saw her purple hair! hahaha

My sweetie babe who has the same name as me! Hahaha We used to work and party together! 

Frederick, Photographer of ze day! :P

With my favourite girls!

Photo-bombed by the guest that came out from nowhere -.-

 Hola my party people! 

Here my Xplay party goes! Luckily I wasn't wasted tat night :) 

Once again, thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation!!! Totally looking forward to the Xplay party next year! 

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