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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I iz return.

Hello you! 

I don't know if there are people still reading my lousy blog,it's growing spider web like mad obviously. I stop blogging ever since i started my internship, which was months ago! My last post was in February right? Geez. 

I don't even realize blogger changed their layout and setting!

I learned something precious from internship, ENJOY CAMPUS LIFE before you start working. Urgh, although my tasks aren't overload and I am kinda free most of the time. Yet, my time is no longer flexible. I sleep at 10pm everyday and wake up at 7.30am, same routine repeats from Monday to Friday. Now i know, the true meaning of T.G.I.F

I miss the time whereby I feel weekday and weekend are equally same :(

I blogged this because idk what's motivating me to blog, the sudden urge to blog.

Gonna share what's up to my life these few months. 

1. Cut my curly damaged almost-waist-length hair. 

Because i was kinda sick of it already and it was really hard to manage my hair every morning. And my hair looks flat and obviously damaged after i curled it.

Here's a pic of me after the hair cut.So much shorter compared to previous length. 

Wanted to dye a brighter colour and cut it even shorter. Maybe shoulder-length or maybe just do some natural rebonding to make it manageable. Just saying.


2. Friends visit to Muar.

Michelle,desmond,gasmine and their friend Calvin came to visit Muar,which is also my boyfriend's hometown. Food hunting trip, bloated like mad that day. 


 3. Kukup Trip!

How much i love this trip!It's so relaxing,and guess what I'm going again to visit this month.Sooooo anticipating! 

Nothing much to bother except from Mahjong, Chiong K, and Eat. Bloated again when I was back from that trip. Totally worth it :D

Here's the pic of the Kong Ming lantern that day, look what I wrote on that wishing lantern. Haha. I wanna achieve 3.8 for my cgpa which is near to impossibruuuuuuuuuu! Oh well just wishing. Hope it motivated me to study in the new semester.


 Sing k!!! No time limited!! Hahaha. Friends complained that I sing too much that night! LOLOL.


Something interesting in this chalet, there was a piano provided and some music sheet as well. I miss playing pianoooooo :D But then I doubted my piano skill for not practicing for a thousand year.


  Sorry for the photo quality!



 4. KL + Genting Weekend Trip

It was Victor's birthday so the boyf friends decided to organize a trip to KL and genting for his 21st birthday celebration.

Had Ikea MeatBalls like finallehhhhhh. Two thumbs up!! Loving the sauce *big love*


Met up with my besties of my life!!! Mad love chatting with them, now we are all apart and hardly find a time to gather. :(


Let's do it again! 


Went to genting merely for CASINO. Sad thing happened, lose money!! Not much of course because it was toooo unlucky that day!

Anyone has tips how to win money in Genting??? Share with me alrite!

Btw, the guard doesn't want to check my IC when i entered the casino, does it means that my look already old enough? I am not yet 21 for official yet. Saddddd caseeeee.


5. Will try to blog more

Still have a few things to blog but I think I will continue in the next post. Hopefully the next post won't be too far away from this post. Hahaha.

See you!


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