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Monday, March 5, 2012

Phuket Trip • Day Four

Here comes the last day! Our flight was scheduled at the night time, so we still had plenty of time for the town. Checked out at 12pm then off we go to discover little sth that we haven't discover few days ago.

We decided to call a tour guide (M'sian) to bring us for the tour that day and also fetched us to airport later at night.

P/S : Here's the details for that tour guide if you're interested to ask him to bring you around. He's from Ipoh so, you can communicate well with him if you can speak Chinese, Cantonese and Hokkien XD

Name : Soon Kean Teong
Mobile : 081-3592888

He preferred phone call cause he doesn't know how to check email XD

You can pronounce him Uncle. You can give him a call when you're in M'sia so that he can pick you up at the airport when you arrived in Phuket. Remember ask him the price!

You can discover yourself how to call overseas, he said it is pretty cheap :)

Continuation of my tour... After we had our lunch nearby, we headed to a shop specialized in selling local products. I forgotten the name already but it's a shop something like Tan Kim Hock or Sam Suk Gong in malacca. They have different kind of products including snacks, sweets, nuts, bath soap, key chain etc. Good thing about that they provide tester for every product. Didn't bought much cause i'm not a fan of those food, i bought some bath salt and lip balm instead :D

Then we headed to the Premium Outlet Phuket... Hmm sort of disappointing because i don't fancy most of the brand there. I think Johor Premium Outlet is way better. And one thing weird about the Premium outlet is that they don't have crowd. I can barely see customers
around.... Oh well..

After window shopping there, the tour guide fetch us to a shop located somewhere near there. We spent a lot of time there cause it's a shop selling designed t-shirt! Well something like I Love Phuket, and some funny and creative design. All designs are designed by 'em and printed directly there.

The price is cheaper, NO BARGAIN needed and the most important thing is that their quality is gooooooooood! They have various designs to choose from. We really spent lots of time, energy and thai baht there. Regret buying too much at the night market few days ago. Aiks.

Took our dinner at Mcd @ Central Festival before leaving to airport, again..


We reached the airport around 7sth while our flight was at 9.20pm. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you reach there 2hours before, because the queue for passport checking is really really really LONG. You don't wanna to miss your flight do you?

You can walk around the duty-free stores inside the departure hall if you're bored :)

Sorry for no pictures for this entry. I didn't snap pic either. Too sad to acknowledge the fact that i was leaving and working life starting soon :(

That's a wrap for my Phuket Trip. Hope it helps! xx


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  2. Youre welcome mate. Hope you enjoy your trip in Phuket :)