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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phuket Trip • Day Three

I need to blog this as fast as i could before i forget everything i had done in Phuket last week. So fyi, i just started my internship. It's almost been a week, hopefully i will get used to it soon. Will definitely blog about internship when i'm free! :)

Basically in Day 3, we had nothing much to do since island hopping already done day before. After gathered information from the tour guide in our hotel, we departed to Phuket Town for window shopping. Since we're staying in Patong, somewhere near to the beach rather than town, we needed to take a taxi/tuk tuk to the town.

p/s: Must be wondering why i was wearing long sleeve cardigan and this maxi despite the hot weather? CAUSE IT'S SUPER SCORCHING HOT OUT THERE, they can help me to reduce to possibility to expose to the sun. HAHAHA.


The duration is around 20-30minutes and i would recommend to take taxi. Since taxi only 400baht (for 4pax), tuk-tuk fare also around 350baht (after you bargain with the driver). The reason i recommend taxi is because taxi is more luxury, and you can enjoy air-conditioned journey, since the weather is really hot. I ain't kidding bout the weather i swear! If you want to experience the local culture, maybe you can consider to take tuk tuk :)

We dropped off at one of the biggest shopping mall in Phuket town, Central Festival. Which i think is the Phuket version of Pavillion. Selling all those branded thing inside, including Zara, Mango, Jaspal, Lacoste, Apple Store, and a mall named Central(if not mistaken) that almost like Tangs or Parkson. They even have Long Champ, Kate Spade, Diane Von Frustenberg etc inside.


I really love the envinronment there though i didnt manage to get anything, since the price is almost the same as in KL's. Anyway, thailand tourism promoted tourist VAT refund. It means that you can claim back 7% of government tax in the airport by achieving certain amount in the shopping mall. It's worth if you're spending in luxury!

Anyway Elaine and I did our first manicure in Phuket. Do not doubt it's our first time. Hahaha. Hers was hello kitty's nail cost her 350baht while mine was the simple shiny purple nail costs me only 150baht.


We had our lunch + tea time at the Mcdonalds. "You MUST BE KIDDING ME" thats what on your mind right since M'sia also have Mcd. The awesome thing about their MCD is that


And some awesome dip sauce! They provide 5 different flavour, which u need to purchase. Only 9baht or 15baht each. Totally cheap.

Boyfriend loves that very very much.

The clearer view of their Samurai Pork Burger and cheesy dip sauce!

And their mcd Uncle has different pose too! no longer the signature one!


Not to forget their MCD has McCafe which selling coffee like Starbucks/Coffee Bean.

Me and de pretty Elaine :)


Later at night, we took our dinner at Kaab Gluay Restaurant located in the Patong as well. It was the most famous thai restaurant in Patong. I read it from the blog, from the guide book as well. And the price are reasonable and cheap! Their food were GOOOOOD!!!!! and spicy as well! Hah.

I wonder what they put in the tomyam that makes it so different?!


The rests of the food pic are blur, so....

I post a group pic :D

And me. I felt i'm so bloated from head to toe all the while in Phuket!

We took a tuk-tuk back to Bangla Road and night market for a walk.

Bangla Road is a long street whereby all the pubs, clubs are located. Along the street, ALL!!!! And you can see this in most of the pubs/clubs.. You'll love this if you're not gay.

Btw, i dont know if they are the real woman or the she-man, they are all looking alike and i just couldnt differentiate.


Anyway we did the bravest thing i think, we decided to go and watch the so-called tiger show. Or what they normally call Ping-Pong show. You can see a lot of people carrying the poster and promotion board to invite you to watch the show in their pub. Every single pub has the show wtf.

And of course you need to pay certain amount for a bottle of beer or sth, ok well you still can bargain one. Normally 300baht++ per pax.

Well, the show was really "Extra-ordinary". You wouldn't like if you're a woman. I nearly puke during the first few minutes but after all i think it's like a porn magic show. Wtf. No worries, all performars are woman, ALL LAO AUNTIE. No guys involved, but things like bird, fish, frog involved. Wtf!!!! How can they make it! I dont know!!!!!!

You will need to discover yourself. It's not too appropriate to blog about the whole process in this entry. Hahahaha.

NOTE: I bought a very tradition and yummy banana pancake which i rated the top one on my way back to hotel, but i just deleted the photo :( If not mistaken, her stall is located outside a 7-11, it's not too far from Bangla road. And it's 50baht each. So yummy!!!!! I miss that like crazy!

That's all for my day 3. Will blog about my last day.... soon!


  1. LOL!!! OMG! i wanna go watch tiger show/pingpong show!!! LOL!!

    anyway, all the best in ur internship! ;)

  2. Omggg u ll love it henry! haha thank you!!! :)

  3. Nath : thats pretty disgusting for me!

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  5. Nobody can forget moments spent in Phuket specially if you used charter boats in Phuket for sailing in beautiful beaches like Krabi, Similan, Butang Group Thailand etc.
    I would love to go againnnnnnn!!

  6. Great looks and awesome place.
    I really liked your blog and way of representation.
    You didn't add any Phuket sailing yachts pics.
    Thank you.

  7. Looks like you have enjoyed a lot in Phuket.

  8. Hi, i just read your post about Central Festival in Phuket. It looks like you loved the food a lot hehe. Very nice pictures. I myself been to central festival yesterday to buy some running gear. Its a nice shopping mall i think. And nice with the aircon, to hot in Thailand now.

    Enjoy your dag :)

    Best regards,