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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's 3.45am and i'm still awake wtfreak. Anyway, i'll be having the second paper tonight and another 3 papers continuously until friday. I'm so frightened that I'm not even nervous about it! Maybe not for now... Haha wish me lucks.

Just me and my camera-shy boyfriend.

It's V-day peeps! To the love birds out there, Happy V-days! May the your love blossomed throughout the year!

This year, it might be different cause i don't celebrate Valentine. Urgh a paper screwed up my valentine. I was upset seeing other couples celebrating out there while me studying at home, spending my time with my lovely slides.

My boyfriend knew that i was disappointed and he tried to make me a handmade paper roses by looking at the videos. It failed big time but i'm touched, like seriously.

He is definitely not the kind of man that would sweet-talking to his girlfriend, buying roses or diamond, or even giving surprises. I was kind of jelly of those girl having guys who would do those listed romantic thing, but think carefully, I'm kind of girl that will never fell in love with guys doing that. I never did. That's the fact.

I fell for guys that are being cool, that never care much about me, then, i will be super furious over him and fell deeply instead.... Don't ask me why, i know i'm 'fan jian' (that's what my bestie kept telling me :P)

That's why, i chose him..

He is the kind of guy that made me feel differently. I had few failed relationships, it just don't worked out. Being together with him for more than 2 years, i still feel the same way to him. It's just we don't do sweet thing, we don't date, in fact we're just used to each other by our side. I can't afford to live without him even it's just one day.

Sometimes i wanted to prove that i can be independent without him. But i failed, every single time. I don't eat without him. I don't feel happy without him. I feel really, lonely even though i'm with my family.

I acted like i don't care every time, but cereasly i failed, big time. I care about this relationship, more than everything. I would never forgive anyone that made a scar on our relationship before as well as in the future.

He said that he doesn't want to make me unhappy, me either. We have different opinions, perspective, ideas, so there's a need to tolerate. I don't tolerate much before, i acted like a boss, and i mad at him for tiny matters.

After a huge fight this beginning of year, i learned. It made me realized that how petty, selfish and inconsiderate i was. And one last thing, how much i care about this relationship.

We made through every challenges in life, every single one, and it's not worth enough just to give up like that.

I wanted to tell you that, please do not feel guilty over things that you failed to make me. I felt more guilty because i would think that i made you that way. No worries, we will celebrate our valentine next year and next year and still counting.

I love you for everything you did for me and love you for who you are.

Thanks for the coach and the ring. I know i am selfish to force to you to buy me the ring but i want it really badly. I want a ring from you as it represents a commitment for our relationship. And you just made one.

Thanks dearie. Happy Valentine my love.


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