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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Phuket Trip • Day Two

Like i promised, here's day two!

• Morning Session •
We woke up early in the morning, i was dragged up. The agency will pick us up around 7.45am and we had to prepare earlier, so that we could have time to take breakfast prepared by our hotel. Had some breakfast and applied shit-lots of sunblocks all over face and bodies, then we off to the port by a van.

Lucky us, we shared the same vehicle with 80% of angmo guys. Believed they are from australia according to their slang, and somehow i doubt if i'm elder than them. Tsk tsk.

We were welcomed by a hilarious man at the port, whom will be our tour guide throughout the whole journey. Some light beverage and sea-sick pills were provided there. I didn't take the pills cause i was confident about my ability. Somehow i overestimated myself...

TAKE THE PILLS if you are not confident abt yourself. The journey to there took an hour (so torturing can dai), and the whole journey was extremely BUMPY. However there is side effect : you will feel sleepy and drowsy on the boat.

Anyway, we went there by speedbot. You can choose to take cruise instead, which costs cheaper and shared with hundreds of people.

Adapted from google.

How the cruise looks like.


After the torturing journey (basically for me), we reached at somewhere for snorkelling safe and sound. I dare not to try because it's in the middle of the sea. I do not know how to swim......

I wore the life jacket and just dipped myself into the sea, boyf was so worried that i will drown anytime. Hahaha. So sorry i dragged him all around and he had not much time to snorkel. But he said the view and fishes inside was exquisite.


Went straight to Maya Bay for a walk. This is where Leonardo D'Carprio shoot his movie ages ago. So much crowd over there.. pfft.




The breath-taking view behind.

Departed to monkey beach, then to some tourists spot (which i can't remember the name already), somewhere we had lunch, and lastly a beach. Lunch was included in the package that we bought.

So ironic that every ang mo purposely tanned themselves under the scorching sun while us cannot wait to hide under the shaded area. Hahaha. I even fell asleep on the bench provided, while others went for swimming, snorkelling.


You can see lots of angmo with bikinis and muscular body all around. So hang fuk! @.@

• Night session •
Went to the night market nearby Jungceylon mall for a walk. Omg i love night market!!! They sell extremely cheap and yummy food!

BBQ chicken/beef skewers!

1 of my favourite food - Banana Pancake! Only 40baht in night market.

You gotta try banana pancake when you're in phuket. I think i tried most of the stall's. I prefer to mix the banana with nutella (which is the flavour i only tasted) hahahaha.

I rank this stall as the second best banana pancake seller. Will reveal the no.1 sooner, cause i discover it way too late :(

It's actually crepe.

My dinner of the day - Tom yum noodles.

Gotta love the accessories sold in night market. I was so overjoyed to find out the replica chanel earring only sold at 20baht each. wtfbbqomg!!!!! I normally saw people selling it at around RM20 or above in M'sia. Ahh now i know the actual price.

I literally bought every kind of chanel earring. Too bad not much stock left.

Went to oil massage late night, 250baht per hour. Of course we went into the normal one, if you get what i mean :D

IT WAS MY FIRST TIME!!! And i kept peeking at Elaine cause i wanted to laugh, HAHAHA. But it was comfortable. And we kept made jokes about the massage centre. LOLOL.

You know it is the "Legal" massage centre when they closed at 12am, and the girls don't stand outside the shop to lure you in. Of course they don't expose their body. Haha.

The boys must be really regret to go with us cause they can never bong chan those massage centre :P


  1. oh god! u make me feel like going too! >.<

    btw breathtaking view as in the sea or the bikini girl? XD

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