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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Over you

Finally, finish all the papers yesterday noon. I can fly like a bird now! No, i should say i can fly like a bird for one week, as i'm going for internship right after one week. As i mentioned, for so many times, i'm going to Phuket next tuesday! Hopefully i'm not tanned when i'm back.

Went to Mixx yesterday night, and i have to confess that that was my very first time to there. Fyi, i was really anxious and anticipated cause i heard a lot of good reviews from there. Anyway, it was a fun fun night, bumped into so many familiar faces.

And i was once tot that i'm either old or lousy cause i couldn't stand the bass of the music. My heart jumped furiously when the i heard the music, i mean furious like fast and furious 5, even our table wasn't near to the stage. Kakak tua sudah tak larat. tsk.

Don't laugh at me i'm just a newbie. Anyway i really love the environment! Sad thing that it will also be my last time, for the next 3 months as, everyone leaving for internship already. Probably got no kaki? hahaha. It's still okay for me cause i don't club that often. Just love doing it once in a while.

Knowing that i would bumped into various of familiar faces, i dare not to dressed too exposed. Shy. Lol.

Guess which one is me? :D


A pic during the dance floor. Couldn't capture nice pic as it's hard to snap pic under dark scene.


Celebrated babe's 21st birthday days earlier. When we just finished the first paper. Steady lol. The venue this time is Senju Tei Restaurant, which i personally think that the best jap food in malacca. Price is reasonable for the food they served. Love every type of dishes that night.

Grilled salmon with white sauce. RM20. I'm a top fan of Salmon :)

Rating : 7/10


Unagi Fried Rice. RM 12 ONLY. FTW!!! Must try because it's superb! *two thumbs up*

Rating : 9.9/10


Beef Skewers. RM 4.50 each. p/s: you must try duck skewers instead. It's the best thing ever. slurps!

Rating : Beef 7/10 ; Duck 10/10


Happy Birthday bestie aka roommie! Hope you love your pressie :)

We bought her a coach. She was so overjoyed. Hahahah.

Instax-mini we took that night is love.


A pic of me with awkward smile and chubby face.


I shall pack now. Looking forward to my phuket trip! Have a nice holiday! :)

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