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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012, you better be good to me!

It is already a whole new year since my last blog post. Don't have time to blog cause i've tons of assignment to submit this week, as well as part time job which will be starting this Wednesday. Soooo, happy new year peeps! May 2012 a blessed year for all of you!

I think, it is not too good to rant about my assignment on my very first post of the year? hahaha. Well, what should i say. Assignment is really bothering...........annoying.............irritating...... sometimes i really prefer tests over assignment. dafuqqqqqqqqqqqqqq.


Y U NO leave me alone!!!!

*too much of 9gag influence recently*

Pink colour tube dress with my not so curly permed hair. Ohwell.

So, i was spending my NYE this year with my boyfriend and his friends. It was Marcus's birthday on the 1st of January, so he suggested to have dinner together. Lucky fella,his birthday fell on 1st day of the year.

Had our buffet dinner at Tao @ Sunway Giza. First time there and i am so in love with every dishes there! I personally think that Tao is better than Jogoya, the price is even cheaper.


"Have u actually realized that my hair is now curly? Having natural curl so it wouldnt be really obvious and i have to style it every single time so that it looks good like this. To be honest, i'm too lazy to style,wash and blow! Grrrr! I miss my straight hair somehow T.T "


We were all famished while waiting for our session.


Me & Charlyn :)

And with Pingkie girl!

Although Jogoya has much variety of choices of dishes compared to Tao, but i think the dishes in Tao is so much Yummier! *finger-licking goooood*

This is so goooood, cheesy oyster. A must to order!

Nearly puke cause our tummy were overloaded. Just an hour after our session started, all of us looked like dead fish already. Lol.


Went to Beer Factory after that. We were sooo freaking full already. Beer factory was packed! Luckily the birthday boy made a reservation earlier :)

We left around 2am, cause police came for idk what reasons. I'm legal alright! Which means i'm old as well :D

That's a wrap for my about yours?

I'm hoping that my 2012 would be a good one, i mean, a really really good one.

Things changes, people changes, your perception changes, so i changes as well. It is because our perception had changed, we see ppl changed.

I miss home badly.


Happy 2012 everyone! :)

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    you could use memegenerator for your customised 'Y U NO...' images in future ;)

    Cheers and HCNY!