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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Johor Premium Outlet


Hello peeps! I'm back from hiatus mode. Neh neh Neh nehhhhhh, and i'm back from Johor Premium Outlet which located at Kulai!

It was just last saturday, and it was our 2nd Anniversary! Didn't get to celebrate it properly though, but i'm still feeling happy cause boyfie actually made an effort to bring me to JPO. Met up with my babes there :D

Okay back to the topic and some random photos here.



It was a rainy rainy day :(


The queue outside coach was madness! We were queuing as well :P


Not gonna talk much about how i spent my day there cause not much photos taken.But here's some "precious" review.

1. Too Much Crowd. Mostly Singaporeans and Malaysians. Everywhere iz packed. Washroom long long queue as well :(

2. Some outlet looked like they were robbed by robbery, in fact their crazee sales goods were all grabbed by the customers. All kosong-kosong when we went there. HABIS.

3. All popular/typical sizes for shirts and shoes already not available by the time we went there.

4. Some of the goods/products were in bad condition, some were torned and some were looking dirty. (Those in extremely cheap price, e.g RM10 )

5. Limited stores.Limited restaurants. So we had take our late lunch @ foodcourt, and their food are just.. "OK".

6. Some stores with great reduction but with old stocks. More like stock clearance to me. (Just some particular store)


1. GREAT SALES. 30%, 50%, 70%, including branded store e.g Coach, Burberry, Lacoste etc.
p/s: Of course Coach Burberry doesn't have 70% lah, 70% for Padini, Vincci, Charles & Keith, GAP, Nike, Adidas etc etc.

2. Cheap!!! I even got my vincci accessories for RM2.50, normally it costs RM29! *SCREAM*

3. Classy and clean toilet. Me loveeeeee clean toilet! :P

4. Popular/Demanding Luxuries are available. E.g Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Coach, Armani Outlet, Raoul etc. (Which is not even related to me.I poor :P)

5. Numerous parking lots with only RM 0.00 parking fees! Guess it will charges right after peak season. Anyway it only costs RM3 per entry. Isn't it cheap?

Some pic here shows my lovesssss ear ring got from Vincci.




Didn't managed get much things that day cause i know there's another shopping trip for me. And that's tomolo! Happy Shopping! :D

** Location of Johor Premium Outlet :

Jalan Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000 Kulaijaya
Johor Darul Takzim

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  1. Love your review about JPO.I bought rm 19 and Rm 29 shoes from Charles and Keith sooo happy!