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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The End Of 2011

I'm early today & i know it. Slept at 4am last night,staying up watching America's Next Top Model All STAR. Disqualification of Angelea is totally a mystery! TELL ME WHY!!!!! I literally had merely 15minutes of insomnia thinking about it! #LOL

Dark circles are so serious now T.T Anyway, had the last midterm paper yesterday night and i'm doomed. Only get to read through and didn't manage to memorize anything, so last minute work FTW! or WTF?Pffft.

Christmas Eve todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ANY PLAN?!

Merry x'mas everyone!

Must edit until this Lala level only got x'mas feel ma :P

i've to warn you that this post is going to be really really long and naggy, read it if you don mind ; don't read it if you mind. Ehem.

It will be a conclusion of the year 2011, which is a really really really really BAD year for me.

During the beginning month of 2011, which is January, i've already encountered a few dramatic scene, which i never expected as well. It was like doomsday for me. Intruder's the culprit. Anyway, tot i was all good after that, but, my day became worst just 2 weeks after that issue.

MY previous Camera spoilt on my bestie birthday! The bottle spilled inside my bag and my camera was dead. Was kinda down cause it's my only one camera for EVERYTHING.

Whats more? When i went back to my hostel during midnight ALONE, i met something really creepy and scary. It freaked me out and i cried like a baby, plus NO ONE was in the house. I WAS ALL ALONE along the alley. Imagine that. I have no idea whether it is a human or what, but i've to say that i got so frightened that night. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. suey or not!

Next up, my mom bought me a new nokia phone. Nokia X3-02 during the beginning of year. And i spoiled it just within 2months. I was really careless and my boyfie always mad at me regarding this. It was spoiled because of the water spilled in my BAG, again. Wtf.


And just a few months away, i remember it was August 2011. We went up to KL randomly, and some incident happened.

I SPOILED MY BOYF's IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!! *self-slaps*

Bu hao yi shi, that time i looked fat. lol

You guys must be wondering W-H-Y.


Cause i never learned, i'm stubborn, and until now i still place my water bottle inside. But with double check the lid so that it is tightly closed. wtf.

You wouldn't know how it feels, because you literally just spoiled other's belongings instead of yours. I would rather my phone/camera spoiled but unfortunately no, seemed like GOD really wants me to learn. I feel extremely guilty and really feel like killing myself that moment. Sucks to the core.

Took it to repair and luckily it doesn't costs me too much. LUCKILY!!

And then. my foot... Just a tiny corn on my foot and i had to spent Hundreds.


Had a minor operation and tot it was all good, 2 stitches and the doc said i will recover in a week. But it turned out to be, bacteria infected. The wound was really bad and i couldn't take off my bandage.

THEN, due to overdose of Antibiotics (doc's prescription) , and I had unusual fungal infection, RIGHT ON MY FACE. Omfg i looked so damn fugly that i wanna die. It only healed completely in a month time! Shit. HOW "lucky" am i!

PLUS PLUS, My results during last semester was a mess. Esp midterm test, three of four tests i had, FAILED!!! Gosh.

But thanks god! I passed my final exam, with the results that out of my expectation. A sigh of relief knowing that. Phewwwwwwwwwww XD

Lastly, someone who used to be one of my most important people in my entire life, just literally got me out of his life. I was disappointed, but i had no choice. Hope u're doing good. I miss you.

Luckily, the end of the year is getting better and better. SO,2012, be good to me! I ll love you!!


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