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Monday, November 14, 2011

Whats up

Neh neh neh, this blog is growing spider webs obviously. I was having a rather hectic weekend last few weeks, all fully occupied with events and part time jobs!

The first weekend in the end of october was occupied with part time job. Well, happy that i got my payment on the spot on the last day of job! Ngehehehe. Sadly, i spent it just within 3 days. Failed saver i am.

But but but, there's a story behind why i spent so much. Cause i'm attending my boyfie's cousie wedding dinner the next weekend! Girls usually spent a lot in order to make themselves look perfect on that day, alrite i'm talking about myself ._________.

And yeshhh I trimmed and dyed my hair. Blame it to the hair dye promotion that offers sucha reasonable price to dye hair. My hair now has a very healthy and natural hair colour! Hah, i'm still staying in my comfort zone whereby i do not dare to go for light colour.

Lol. Still lovin' it! Thanks nick! I'm definitely go for big curl next cny as the hair stylist suggested :)

So next weekend i went up to KL with my bf's family to attend a romantic wedding dinner which was held in Holiday Inn, Glenmarie.

This dress is going to keep in wardrobe for a long time -.-

Hello skinny monkey!

The garden wedding in the morning :)

Right after the day after the wedding dinner, i took flight fly all the way from KL to Penang. It's my grandpa's big day! It's good to see everyone come back and had a reunion dinner together. When you step into penang, you will feel extremely guilty if you didn't try out their food. Penang totally deserve the name of Food Paradise!

Though i feel guilty for gaining weights too. Omgggg.

Here's a clearer pic of my new hair colour under the sunlight! :)

Lovin this american's flag ear stud. Got it @ Jonker Street, Malacca.


Don't worry babe,i won't post up many pictures of food because it's suffering and i know it :(

Went to the island for 3days2n, had a great time spending with my family members. Only able to see them again in next cny. Sigh! Really hate this, why my home has to be so far apart T.T

And just last few days, i had another part time job again. Thanks god! Was working as show girl @ Fitness Concept roadshow for 3 days!



Kept demonstrating on the equipment i think i burned a lot of calories in this 3 days. Hahaha just kidding still looking fat!

kthxbai! I'm gotta complete my task this week! No more slacking!

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