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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clinique Who's That Girl Search

Clinique, which college girl hasn't heard about this brand before? Bet every college girl are quite familiar with brand as they visit almost every campus in M'sia!

In fact, i first known this brand when i was in my first year of University, Clinique visits my campus annually and i never failed to miss every single campaign organized by them. Please kindly drop by their booth to have a look whenever they visit your campus because there are always a lots of benefits for you, yes, i mean a lotsssssssss! I always receive a lot of free-gifts from their booth! And you can purchase their products in promotion price!

I was tagged along to the campaign in Midvalley Megamall by Johanna. Thanks to her! I can haz professional makeover, FOR THE FIRST TIME! *excited*

Clinique Star Tour is currently organizing Who's That Girl search for every pretty ladies out there and YOU stand a chance to win great prizes that worth up tm RM8000! $.$

There are few choices for you for the makeover, Fashionably Flirty, Downtown Cool, Laid-Back Luxe and also Classic Chic. CHOOSE, the best to represent you yourself, or you wanna try something new? :)

Obviously, i'm wearing casual that day. :P

Really love the make-up artist! I told her that i wanted to attend a party that night so she done some light smokey on my eye. First time ever try heavy makeup! (Because i dunno how to do heavy makeup on my own *failed* )


Didn't manage to get a proper self-camwhore picture as we were in the rush.


Preparing for the party that night! Will blog about that aite! :P

Wanna get a free makeover like me? Visit any clinique counter that nearest to you from Nov7 to Nov30 (LAST 2DAYS), and GET the new look that match your style!

How to Join Who's That Girl Search contest?

1. Dress your style either in Fashionably Flirty, Downtown Cool, Laid-back Luxe or Classic Chic and drop by any clinique counters nationwide for your makeover session.

2. After the makeover, snap two pictures of yourself in colour close-up and full length.

3. Upload both pictures and complete the registration in Who's That Girl? online website in Clove Two ( *click*

Attn: You are able to get some freebies from clinique as well! NO PURCHASE REQUIRED! '

Terms & Conditions: Contest is open to female Malaysia aged 16-28 ONLY. Appointment preferred to avoid disappointment. ONLY 1 set products per client, while supplies last.

Check out more details at Clinique Site!

Till then, i needa study for my test tomorrow night. Oh well :(


  1. whoots! nice! =p

    and good luck for ur test! =D

  2. ish why put that love to cover? XD

  3. Johanna : Thanks to you and ur sis :P
    Henry : hahaha thankyou! long time no see!!!
    Anonymous : bu hao yi shi ma. :P