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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The " MOST "in Langkawi Island

Well, just came back from the island and now resting in my home sweet home. From my photos uploaded on the facebook, you guys should know where i went, right? :-)

And all those pwetty photos credits to Miss Elaine! Her camera took thousands of nice pictures,so here is a good reason whereby i refused to use my lousy ones. Hahaha.

I will be doing a kind of different post compared to the post i did before, which will be specifying on the "MOST" in this island.

First,i will start with the.....

1. MOST expensive restaurant in the island

We were attracted by the crowd first,and we were so willing to wait for an hour for our dinner. We believed that it would be super-licious judging from the crowd.


Fortunately, the one hour waiting period didn't seemed too long as we've got great companion by side, the Barcadi Apple. Lol. The guys bought it at RM55 where they tot it was the cheapest, but we found another store selling it at RM45. Haaa :D


Back to the topic, May Hiang Restaurant. They served nice and fresh and petite Thai Style Steamed Fish. It costs us RM40++. I cant get enough. Lol.

The very typical tofu and xiao bai cai cost us RM 20++ and RM 15++. The dishes were like so typical and the price were so frickin expensive. :/

*shake head*

Though the boss did treated us 2 bottle of cans drink because we got impatient with the service whereby they served those came later than us. 2 cans only, i'd rather they charge us with cheaper price lo.


2. The Most Cheap Restaurant (with NICE seafood)

So we found this restaurant last night we spent on Langkawi. It was a well-known restaurant located in the Kuah Town. There were large numbers of tourists can be found there. The food and service here should be rated 5stars, didn't include the atmosphere though.

There were many tourists there but the food served just in a minute! The food there were so yummilicious! I like the Lala the most! And the food were so cheap. WE likey!

Didn't get the chance to take the group photo of all food as we can't wait to eat! Were too starve that time. XD


3. Missy Most Likey Alcohol Beverage!

This alcohol tops my favourite. And i can get it at RM5.90 (the highest price) and RM 4.40 (the cheapest price) on the island. It doesn't taste like an alcohol at all, instead i feel like it taste like fruit juice. Yums! Miss it now! Had it almost everyday. Lol.


4. Chocolate that MOST popular among us

Other than booze, imported chocolate there were very cheap too. Yeah, shop till you drop. Do u know the famous chocolate Daim? It only costs around RM15 there and i saw it at KL, around RM35. Lol. So damn big the price gap.

My favourite choco would be the Non-halal alcohol chocolate, with cherrie brandy in the chocolate. Haa, didn't take a pic of it since i left it in melaka home's fridge. :P

And guess which chocolate was the most popular among us?!


Obviously, After-Eight is the champion. I'm the one who didn't buy any of it because i prefer alcoholic choco more. I spent more on that :P

After eight is my boyfie top favourite. Lololololol. I think he bought the most of it.

And the cheapest price you could find on the island is RM18.90, a large bar of it.

5. the MOST yellowish photo taken XD

I didn't want to talk much about this pic.U GUYS SHOULD KNOW WHATS GOING ON!!!
Laugh die me :D


Took this while "island-hoping" with a german couple. They were so cute and friendly, especially the girl. And my boyfie said that the guy looked like Robbert Pattinson lol.


I felt sorry for the couple for being cheated by those travel agent, they been cheated that they can go snorkeling and swim with RM90 :(

I can see the disappointment in their eyes when they knew that the plan was off.

Alright..i'm done with the top 5 most. I am too lazy to continue. So...I'm gonna share some favourite pictures with you guys? You can checked them out on my facebook profile as well! :)

Group pic in Underwater World ;)

With lovely angmoh children <3

With my lovely girlfriends without apple ang!!


With my hyper boyfriend. imy!


And last one me with the sea crab! :)

Definitely gonna miss this island, although some of the places already polluted. Well, those memories are unforgettable. wonder how am i gonna survive the time when we all graduate from Uni :(

Got to go! Bye :)

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