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Friday, October 14, 2011

Arthurs Day 2011 @ Turf Club Sepang

I know i'm late for this post as Arthurs day passed for like 3weeks already? That time i was really busy preparing for my nx 3 papers and hardly had the little time to blog.

So Arthurs Day brought by Guinness!

Question : How do i win those exclusive tickets?!

Answer : From Says.My! (retweeting tweet from twitter)

Thanks alot to Says and also lucklady for giving me such a luck to win 5 exclusive tickets! Bet this was the best luck i ever had during 2011.

Well u know my 2011 sucks.I know i've nagged about this zillion times already :S

Luckily it was happening on the friday which i finished my 3rd paper in the morning and headed to sepang for the event.I had 5 days gap until my next 3 papers.So yeah, why not! To Arthurs to Taio!

Tagged my girls along.Another ang ang apple ang not here again T.T


We were having too much fun dressing up for this event and made the guys waited for us for quite a time.Hmph sorry fellas,girls' dolling up and u know.

And guess what! Met my secondary school mates there! So excited because we didn't met for ages, when i say ages, means ages. guess after we graduated we didn't meet up at all anymore?

Dearest zwei, whom also my childhood best companion :)

Lovely mun,my secondary choir best mate! I remember all those things we did!

And tada Cutie jing.I known her since i was 4 or 5 i guess!

Group pic with the girls! :-)

Wasn't able to join them for the next station, because they left earlier.While we decided to be at there to see Taio Cruz.

Well you know, we don't really know those singer other than MizzNina,Soler and Taio Cruz.We waited quite A TIME for taio to sing on the stage.And there was a performance that kind of too long and potong steam.

So we girls decided to take a break from surrounded people, heat, killing high heels etc.Those heels were killing our feet,NO JOKING.

Oh ya,seen anyone familiar on the following pic? It's dearest Johanna Soh. Support her new blog here.


So envy that she got this electric arthurs day t-shirt!Got light somemore!

After a short break along the divider,we started to camwhore. Oh women.


We both bought our dresses in the same boutique a night before.
A bit expensive but it's all worth it!


We both looked alike that night and lots of them tot she was me! Hahaha!

Last,my current profile picture which saya suka sangat!

Oh my,i purposely spent time on this post just to spend time while waiting for the dead or alive moment at 7pm.


Godblessme.I seriously need lucks this time! :(

Goodluck to you as well :)


  1. I saw 2 familiar faces here! Limun and Johanna XD

  2. yeah we studying at same college XD

  3. Haaa this world is so small! We're from the same hometown :)