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Friday, August 12, 2011

Chatime in Melaka

I got caught up with my assignments lately.Finally found a rather free time to sit down,and blog.But am gonna get annoyed with the 50 pages assignment again starting from tomorrow. T.T

Olasighhhhhhh,the assignments due date are kinda too near to each other,shushhh.I'm dying.

Plussss,doing NOT well for all midterms this semester,totally screwed up.Gotta buckle up for the finals or else........................KILL ME.

Unfortunate things keep happening to me,i'm so afraid of 2011 honestly.Starting from January until August,nothing good happen :(

Godblesss me.I hate this :'(

Okay...should blog about some good news for me (at least a moderate lover), and all the bubble tea lovers!



1st FLOOR (Near to Daiso and FOS)

I was really excited about it because i can only taste it when i go to kl.

And what's more?! Buy one Free one PROMO! Although i didnt like the choices that they offered yet better than nothing right? Aha. Double Happiness!

Bought 4 drinks and paid for only price of 2!!! Can't be any happier and.. cheapo LOL

Let's get it started!

My top choice (that never change) - Passion Fruit QQ
RM 5.90 (R)

For me,any drinks that with passion fruit is awesome.Huge passion fruit fans i am :) It is the best seller too! YOU SHOULD TRY! Pearls and QQ jelly included!

Bf's choice - Strawberry Yogurt
RM 5.90 (R)

Well,during august Chatime is having a Strawberry fever or whatsoever and they innovate a few drinks with strawberry flavour.Hmmmph this one is sour and smoothie-like. Me likey as well! :D

Grass Jelly Roasted MilkTea RM 5.90 (R)

TW Plum Ice RM 4.90 (R)

Whereas for both of the above,they are free items.Ngehehe no choice.I didn't like the grass jelly milk tea,although it is one of the top seller.Didn't get to try it before because i don't have confident with it.Ahaha but there are lots of ppl out there lovin' this!

For the plum ice tea,it's abit too sour.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.I don't really like it.Don't know how to judge it.But the taste is totally acceptable,it's just my own opinion :)

Happy two friends :D


Me v Ah Long. Looking alike didn't he?

Me and my twins (Y)

Passionfruitttt <3

Any solution for better quality images on blogspot?my photos suck core when it uploaded on blogger.And the size is BIG too. HELP ME T.T

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