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A girl who is borned on the 16th of October 1991, from Kota Bharu. Currently studying in Multimedia University, Melaka. The one who is passionate towards life, fashion. Not to forget, a die hard fans of horoscope. Can be funny at most of the times, yet not to be messed around. Temper easy come and go.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No update no update, doesnt know what to update!

MIA been a while. Got certain ideas for blog already yet still lazy to update. Plus it's really busy :S

Nah, i cheated. I'm not busy but suppose to be busy since its already Week5. Midterm tests is just around the corner..
knock knock, hear someone knocking? No i still don't bother.... shoot me.

All i've been bothering are, money, movies, shopping, sleeping, shirts, bags, facebook, twitter, bloggers, exploring new places in malacca, oh yeah eat. -__________-

Too lazy for everything. I got no mood for those serious stuff yet.Let your heart down if you're worried about me cause i understand that the serious mood will comes to me once the thing is near. Happen everytime :D

Yay, August is coming i'm going back to KB. It's a Raya holiday as well, meaning lots of friends will be at KB too! Owhhh, missing them lots! But the problem is, flight ticket super expensive. Grrrr, why my midterm break falls on raya holiday!

Almost RM400 per pax for 2ways. Not worth spending for sure, RM400 i can go for Bali trip already. lol. Taking tutu-train perhaps, sad case is, train tickets not available yet.Screwwww it.seriously, i got no idea how to go back already if train tickets all sold out.

Another thing that let me down on July is, i m not at my hometown because...LOTS of friends at Kb too! Some even organized gathering due to leaving to overseas for studies... :(


And yesh, my primary form teacher is going to retire this july too. I CANOT ATTEND because of freaking midterm tests.. Ex-classmates been discussing abt this on the fb, i hope i can attend too. :(

Nehhhhh.. Siennnnn.

Series of photos to shared in this blogspot. I miss my girls here!! :)

Yesh, i miss nasikukus, ayam percik, kaojam, abemie, kak wok, chiangmai thai food VERY MUCH TOO!!!

Fly me back to KB i wan eat those foods!! *grumpy face*

Promise will update once the blogging mode is swtiched on. Nehhhhhh.

Song i love the most now. Tada.

LMFAO ft Natalia Kills - Champagne Showers

Champagne showers, champagne showers~

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