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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 @ M'sia

16th of July, a big day for the M'sia fans of Liverpool.So....this is not really related to a girl like me, who is totally beyond football-sphere. Well, its not about my matter, it's my boyfriend's matter after all, a die hard fans of liverpool.

I think this is totally fated for him to watch this match, since he just freaking got the tickets just 2days before! Look,he was about to give up the match since the RM108 tix are all sold out within a very short period(wonders why).And there were a few players will be absent as well.And suddenly,something-idontknow gives him a very huge motivation & inspiration to watch the match.

He found the RM108 tix online,and the seller could not give him a confirm answer yet since there are an interested buyer just before him.And guess what?The buyer just gave up and he freaking got it.And its only for RM100 each tix.

At the mean time,the seller almost giving up selling this tix to him too because he was in KL while we were in Melaka.Guess what?The seller was in Pavillion and our friend was in Pavilion too!!So, isit fated? ;)

Spot the seats number.Lucky enough to get this premiere ticket as we don't need to go there earlier to get good spot.Thanks to luck lady!!!!

Right after we finish 2 finance paper in that disasterous morning,we took bus down to KL and head to bukit jalil for the match! (Y)

The queue for LRT tix to bukit jalil was MADNESS. Omigawd,you can see a long long queue with all the liverpool jersey along the street.Madness and this jerk(means my bf) just took a quick way to buy the tix.Sneak into the counter and bought tix.LOL

You can hear the fans cheering once they reached bukit jalil station.They were all excited including us!

See the crowd outside the stadium.All ppl selling liverpool merchandise!

Took a quick pic before enter our seat.

Our seats were quite gooooood & near to the field and i believed the seller bought the tix from Standard Chatered so we got these premier seats! The only bad thing was, we had to bear with the sun. Ohhh~ suffered for like 30mins before the match started.

All sweaty =/

Meet this Big fans of liverpool :D

The match about to start....

Glad that the sun going down down down when the match started.Everyone seemed really excited about the match.And people started to cheer.The atmosphere was really good! Me love!!

Love it how Malaysians cheer for M'sia team when they scored.It's a sign of unity i guess?Everyone seemed happier when M'sia scored.Well still, everyone still support Liverpool.Its like they support for both team, as u know, they are Malaysians as well as Liverpool fans too. Its still our country,showing supportive to country is still some kind of patriotic. ;)

After the match ends,the fans were singing the Liverpool's song!

Goodbye liverpool FC. See u next time!

And please bring along Steven Gerrard! HE IS SO CUTE i wanna die!!!

I'm so gonna attend the asia tour again in the future because i think, i fell in love with the crowd & atmosphere :)

Thanks mr.liverpool for bringing me and he claimed that this is a celebration for our 19th monthsary which happened today. LOL.

current statis - LAST MIDTERM PAPER TO GO!