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Friday, July 8, 2011

I play this instrument :-)

Hardworking on blog not midterms. Clap clap for myself.

Today is 8th, few minutes to go to reach 9th of July. Well,everyone in M'sia knows what is going to happen on 9th of July.This is gonna be another history for M'sia in the future as well.Hmmmphhhh,no thoughts about that,since im always beyond political issue.Lack of political knowledge in fact. tsk tsk.

What i know is BERSIH is some kind of action that is showing unity & fairness towards the coming election.Lucky that i'm in Malacca,heard that KL is having massive traffic jam due to road block/road closure(i tak pasti). Heh i actually knew those from twitter. POWER OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE!

Oklah, to avoid anything happened to you, better avoid wearing Yellow this week, or until the end of this month :P Lukily i'm not a big fan of Yellow shirt Haha

Pray pray nothing happen tomorrow.Because tmr is MMU Olympic that held annually!Boyfie is taking part in the futsal competition.All the best to him & his team! Yey, hopefully he win those medals and i will treat him GCB. Cause GCB is now in McValue Lunch list! #happy sucha good gf i am. Eheerrm.

Heh,i love to talk crap that out of my topic at the beginning of my blog right?My bad.This is my style of starting a post,get used to it already lol

I did some sort of awkward thing just to show to my boyfie..

i know how to play piano.

Laugh Out Loud.

He always say i'm NOOB.Everytime when i saw a youtube clip showing piano video,he will tease me like that. Listen.

" 你不会的啦。你酱NOOB!"


Everytime!!! My name has officially changed to 笨 instead of yyp,ying,or whatever sweet name that usually used by couple. Yes, my name is BEN! WHAT KIND OF BOYFRIEND IS THIS, I STILL SAY I WANNA TREAT HIM GCB.

Sometime he will call me noob.Grrrr.Jeling him.

So i purposely played this Jay Chow - 青花瓷 to impress him. Well not really impressing i suppose, because i did few mistakes!!

Hahah.Yada yada noob lar.You cannot blame me!I seldom practice what.Only can touch my piano when i go back hometown :(

Plus i purposely go and search and print out the piano sheet just to impress you stupid.See how dare you say me noob again!

There are still another 2 videos which i shoot in HD mode, means the size SUPER BIG. Uploading it to youtube takes forever. I cancelled it unwillingly but seriously 863mins?!

Anybody tell me how to convert it to a smaller size??Need help urgently.There are still 2songs i wanna SHOW OFF to him!!

p/s: ignore the front part because there was some muslim prayer thingie going on nearby my house.And i really did few mistakes.Heh.And i am bad at memorizing piano notes,but sight reading is still okeh.So don't expect me to come out with this song without piano sheet.

This is not a satisfying pieces because i did darn lots of mistakes.Lol.I prefer another pieces but i have to come out with the resizing solution. Please teach me!

See ya.Enjoy!!

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  1. Hey Ying Ying, I like ur video vry much. Do upload more k. I got a software for u that u can simply convert a big size video to smaller size..
    this is the link where u can download and install it. =)