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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where is Kota Bharu?

Even this map i googled, spells wrong. It is Kota BHARU.

This title might sounds familiar to you, because perhaps this is another question that you've been asking all this while.

Last two year when i first came to MMU, it is very common for everyone to ask, your name, your age, what course are you taking and WHERE are you from. You know..these are the most common things to ask during ice-breaking session.Get to know each other and all.

Answering where am i from, is the most difficult & troublesome problem.Because nobody knows where is KB (Kota Bharu).

Conversation I
A : Ohright..where are you from then?
ME : I'm from KB :)
A : Ohh, JB. (usually they get confused when i say KB,they will tot is JB)
ME : Nono, i mean Kay-Bi.
A : Ohhh u're from Kota Kinabalu then. (I wonder why they will connect to there)
ME : NOOOO. Kota Bharu!!
A : Hmmmmmmmph? Where is it?
ME : *smack forehead*

Conversation II
B : Kota Bharu? Ohh well, *act smart* Is it a capital in Kuantan?
ME : *smack smack forehead*

And it ever happened, the friend i known for like almost 1year, asked me,
" Hey, this trimester break you going back to Kuantan right? "

wtfffffff? -.-

Answer is HERE : Kota Bharu is the capital of Kelantan state!

Seriously, never heard of this? I know...perhaps this is really unfamiliar for you guys.

And sometimes, i will directly tell those who are in doubts, " I'm from Kelantan. "

Here i show you their reaction. the rest goes like this.

Conversation III

C : ARRRRE YOU SERIOUS? I thought that you are from KL, JB?!

D : Jangan tipu lah moi.

E : 吉兰丹还有华人咩?


Well,the above situation usually were awkward situation,because MOST of them were thinking deeply when i told them about Kelantan. I've been waiting for their reply for like....15secs?

And there was once that i was working, an aunty answered : " Huh?You're from kelantan?Why youre looking so fair?I tot chinese in Kel are all dark tone! "

Really aunty?We're all from M'sia so the weather is the same.It doesn't mean like you're from KL then your skin tone is fairer, then you're from east coast you're in darker tone.

Omgwtfbbq. Cut all this perception!!

I do have alot of chinese friends, that are looking FAIR. omg..this is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard.

Though, kelantan do really have a few chinese.When i say a few, means really a few. Don't be surprised there is only 3% Chinese in kelantan. Well, i still have lots of chinese friends because i'm from chinese school.

It is very usual for us to see most people walking along the street are Malays.Man with songkoks and woman in Tudung. Yah it is.And so?Nothing weird too.They are human too,just different race.Lol.

So usually people will started to ask.. " do you came here?Transport?It must be really far "

Yeah, it is.VERY FAR if you're by road trip.I mean, by car, by bus, by train and all. The duration took up almost 10hours. But, there's no longer only bus, car and train available. There is something called flight stupid.

Though,there aren't any airport in Melaka yet,thus we took flight down to KL and take bus to Melaka again.The journey is really short! (must deduct those slacking time at airport). Flight only took us 45minutes while Bus took us around 2hours. AND PLS, KB has a freaking airport ok? LOL

As so you know,KB doesn't has any cinema and official ktv room & pub due to some religious issue.And what people been asking, WHY CAN YOU SURVIVE THERE?

Dear...i've been living there for 18years continuously without leaving home and i don't feel anything. -.- And i enjoy going to beach, kolam air panas, air terjun with my fellow friends! :D

Apparently here is one of my friend who enjoying in his "habitat" HAHA

There is still something lovely in KB. THE foood!!! alright confirm not chinese food. It is those Malay delicacies and THAI FOOD ESPECIALLY!!!!!

I LOVE THAI FOOD THE MOST! Because it isssss sour and spicy! Yummy! And in other state, so far...i couldn't find a nice one except the penang one. Mostly because our state are near to thailand.

The picture above is a kind of Kelantan food called Kao Jam.and it is very healthy food because it is made up of herbal plants.Which i dont know how to explain next.... hahaha.In a word, Sedapppp!

Well, not to mention the malay food as well.Sedap Belako (kelantan dialect)!! Sometimes i got really depressed in Melaka because i couldnt find any nice malay rice, seriously NONE. :(

Alright............this is a really long post i guess?No lah..
i ain't madddd,i'm just wanna promote my state.Hahaha.Well,not considered really developed state,but still, it is developing. Frankly, it gone better. :)

See ya.Friend from kb visiting me later! Buhbye!

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  1. What I love about Kota Bharu is the FOOOOD :). They cook things slightly sweeter and spicier.