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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What to start?

Life is not a bed of roses, it is full of SHITS.

Did i ever mentioned that, my 2011 is a real worst year for me. I thought that it will turned out better when i stepped into June, but clearly it is NOT. Well, still having hope in July, I don't wanna suey for the whole year pls.

Stop bull-shitting about how unfortunate i am.Shall talk about something happy,right?

Happy because i went to shopping at KL last weekend.

Hah.Finally a getaway from the superrr-getting-boring Malacca.Lol.I think Malacca should have more stores,well it seems to be impossible?At least a Subway la.

It was a last minute plan anyway, lucky enough because bf got his salary too.So he wanna shop for his stuff as well. (Y) win-win solution!

My leng-bao-geng elaine!

Shopping always that blissful, at least for someone desperate like me.Lol.But the pathetic part is,my salary hasn't release yet. Fasterrr can or notttttt! /showing sad face

Not to mention the japanese cuisine we had in Sushi Zanmai. Thumbssssss UP! Gosh baby, i'm craving for it i'm so damn lapar since last night.Lol.

Grilled Sotong!

Brief shopping part ended.

It's funny somehow people treat you like a fool when you know everything he/she told is something that you know.

Perhaps i'm a fool for you to be fooled?

Hah. Don't tell lies because i believe that God will always side to someone who is purely innocent, eventually the innocent one will know the truth behind the lies.

And please, at least respect. You continuously(intentionally) cheat someone,because you think he/she is a fool, no?Don't even give a f*ck on how they feel when they found out the truth?Yes, they feel like a fool.And you're treating them like a fool.This isn't respect yo.

Seriously? o.O

Hate to be cheated because i felt like a fool.kthxbai

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