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Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Love Soyah Juice! =)

Gonna blog about something that all of us loveeeeeee!

It is always vital for us to maintain our health as we're living without our family beside us, which means lack of parents that taking care of us..

Often grow pimples and skin turning super dry whenever i'm back in Melaka, sometimes even looking pale! While when im back in KB, my complexion is really good!! Cause my mom feed me with lotsssss of healthy food! :P

So after i came back from my hometown this june, i decided to reduce consumption of Maggie.And try to sleep early every day, and most importantly drink more water!

FRUIT is another important element in maintaining our health too!!

DP has a new shop selling healthy fruit juice!! Bet you know about this, because you have to pass this floor before you get to Dreambox or GSC. Soyah Juice!

Variety of choices for ya!

My choice definitely is number 2, because it is a fruit juice jumble up with passion fruit, strawberry, mango....and i forget the rests :P Anyway, it is an ice-blended kind of beverage. Yummy!!

While the boyf likes number 16 & number 17. Yoghurt ice-blended fruit juice. Seriously, i forgot the ingredients, i really have a poor memory. Well, i remember its a banana, mango etc etc mix :)

Wednesday special!! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Soyah Juice Loyal Customer No.1

Loyal Customer No. 2!

Number 3!

She doesn't drink that much i guess? Haha.

A pic before we go. :P

Loving the juice!! I didn't drink it this week, kinda miss it :(

Must ask bf bring me go next week! Hahaha.

Remember to purchase your healthy beverage every time you visit DP, or every time you wanna go to watch movie at GSC. Sneak the drinks in cinema like how we did all the time :P

Location : Dataran Pahlawan Melaka ; Third Floor
(Beside Carefour which is closed down now lol )

LIKE this page for more information about this yummilicious juice and PROMOTIONS!

See you around!

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