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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jonker Street Haul

Current favourite VAIN pic :D

First time doing haul in my blog,well, inspired by Xiaxue's & RiceBunny youtube video which they did the haul on topshop & forever 21. While me, the infamous one, will be doing a haul regarding to Jonker Street! =D

Just in case you still dont know where is Jonker Street, well it is located at the heart of Malacca, which nearby the historical red house. It is a street which selling lots of junks and nice food(partially)!Only held during every friday, saturday and sunday.

Last time i used to go there like fourth a month, or at least twice a month. But now i think i visit it once in two months? Idk. Generally, lesser.

Still having excitement in myself everytime i planned to visit there, because the stuff updates from time to time! Never fail to impress me with those adorable ear rings or whatsoever junks! :O

Stole this two pic from google.Oops.

Visited there last week, friends from KB, Jiawen visited! Well, it still considered as another 'welcome ceremony' for our beloved ping ping which came all the way from KB to study her degree courses in MMU. Yayy.

So the first thing i bought there was a pair of classy ear ring! It literally caught my attention when i stopped by the store, and what's more, the price was really, CHEAP!

1. Classy Ear ring - RM 2

Started to camwhore with this lovely stuff :D

2. Floral print Hairband - RM 4

Dusty mirror!

3. Oval shape ear ring - RM 1

4. Pinky theme ear ring - RM 1

p/s: I did not missed out anything on the figure, it's really RM1!!

5. Adorable ear studs - RM 4

6. Burberry magic korean wallet - RM10

Of course you know, it is rather/VERY impossible for us to find a genuine burberry in jonker street, so be clever, it is not a genuine one. Aha.

The inner layer of the wallet.

And what it mean by Magic Korean Wallet? Hmph, i dont know how to explain it but this wallet is kind of convenient if you ever have a large size purse like me, and you usually can never put ur purse into a small size bag, so it is time to have a magic korean wallet! And, the money can "magically" slit into it without putting it inside. Aiyah i seriously dont know how to explain, you should see the sales man demo for you guys.

Convenient in a word! :D

The all stuff i bought!
Happy girl that day because i spent less than RM25 to buy all these!

It is only total of RM22 for all these *wink

Feel free to visit me in Malacca fellows, i will definitely bring you guys here and shop those bargains with the best/lowest price in the world! Hehe. Cause by chance i wanna buy more too! Haha enjoyyy reading! :)

BTW TGIF! Watched this latest song by Katy Perry. You might see a few familiar faces in this MV including someong who sings Friday!! :) I love this song!

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