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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, don't judge now. You never knew what is going to happen, like you never knew what i'm going to talk about. Aha!

Talking about SHIT, i use this word regularly on my day. At least this is another better word to replace a rude one when it comes to "FML" stuff.

Talking about SHIT, who don't "shit"? On everyday basis....well, constipation happens sometimes and the feeling is awwwwwful.

Talking about SHIT, i used to ask my friend to eat shit whenever they trying to tease me, or when i'm feeling like asking them to eat shit. AHAHAHA. I'm a rude girl. I don't freakinggggggg care~

Talking about SHIT, i never knew someday i gonna taste it. And i never knew the shit doesn't tastes like shit but some creamy yummy milky ice cream that melts immediately when it was in my mouth.

And so...talking about SHIT. I never knew there are some people with TOP creativity to create this shit ice cream and also this toilet theme restaurant. lol

Always heard bad feedbacks from twitter about this toilet concept restaurant back in KL. Never tried it until it has another new branch in Melaka.

Oh well...everyone is sitting on the toilet bowl and there is a sink under every table. And the smell when we entered the restaurant....really a little smells like toilet. lol.

We came here for SHIT, ooops! It is a ice-cream. (:

xiao wei's iceeecreammmmmm.

And see her face towards eating shit! She felt like top of the world! (Y)

Papoi & Papiyo's turn.

They were being a lil pessimistic. Aww man :(

This is papiyo showing her pangsai face.
Yay we don't need to see stalk her pangsai face anymore, it shows here!

Papoi was same too. Both of them actually came from acting class. HAHAHA

They accepted the fact they going to finish afterall, so they decided to eat it HAPPILY :D

This is me and david beckham's one. Tastes good though!

Happy! Got RM5 Discount voucher next time!

Orite...just another brief post! Hehhhhhh. Happy Wesak Day to everyone!! (:

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