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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Secret Recipe ;)

Hey,i'm gonna share my so called secret recipe in this post.Muahaha i know right, this is like my masterpiece but seems to be everyone's masterpiece too! Well, sharing is caring and so, perhaps there are still people haven't discover the yummilicious of this so-called masterpiece :P

Fyi...this is the recipe i learned from Papoi & Papiyo! They always discover new finger-licking good food, don't they?! :D

Am home again,i'm doing house chores everyday can you believe it? I don't have a maid and i have 2brothers, u know.. the brothers always don't need to do any freaking house chores. Sighh it is sympathetic somehow i'm the only girl in my house. Luckily what i did the most only, hang clothes, swept floor and that's all. :P Anyhow, mom always buy me things i love so i think it is necessary to be a good daughter :D

And sometimes..i'm demanded to cook my masterpiece for them as lunch. because my brother loves this to the max! :D and same to my bf, it's been so long i never cook him this. bet he misses it very much! HAHAHA

Cut the crap and start! Alright...the materials you need to cook the yummilicious Spaghetti Carbonara :)

1. Cheese Hotdog (the essential one for me)
i usually cut around 6cocktails into circular shape, small pieces one.

2. Chicken Ham
I regularly use around 3pieces and cut it into few thin slices.

3. One piece of Cheese

4. Onions.
Just the amount you favour.I use half of one onion everytime :)

5. A can of Campbells Carbonara Mushroom!

6. Spaghetti! I don't know how the measure the amount actually.. and when i'm eating with bf + friends, we usually used up a pack of this for 4pax. They are big eaters!

7. As another option, you can add some button mushroom too. I only add this if i found in my fridge.

Let the cooking lesson begins! Hoho!

1. Boil the water.
This is mainly to soften the spaghetti in progress! It takes around 20mins.

2. Heat up the cooking oil.
Yeah basic.

3. Fry those sausages and ham AFTER u fry the onions.

4. Pour the carbonara sauces into it after that.
NOTE: Add water into the tin after you pour everything out.

5. Wait until the sauce boils and add into one piece of cheese.
Well, take off the plastic lar.I just don't wan be so unhygienic holding this w bare hand.

6. Melt the cheese and make it even everywhere!

7. Last but not least, serve it with your done-spaghetti.
p/s: serve it with piping hot sauce would be perrrrfect!

Slurppssss! Ngehehehe. Seriously, whenever i go to other restaurant i will order spaghetti carbonara but i gotta admit no one beats the home-made one! So...i am now rarely believe in other's spaghetti unless it is the home made one :)

I've got an idea for my new post already!! Alrite..chill and try to make one at home if you havent! :D

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