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Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh Nana Road Trip!

As i promised,the road trip post is now here! (Y)

Well it wasn't a real road trip as planned,it was just a main purpose to send my brother to his university somewhere in Perak.

Daddy was ze driver as usual.And daddy decided to drop by his lovely hometown, somewhere in Kedah, to visit my grandparents.It's been ages ago since i last saw them.They are getting older as time goes by...shall pay more visits to them in the future time.

So...the first destination was set.About 4hours plus of driving time to reach kedah.Got used to it already because we used to go back dad's hometown during cny.The journey was least not feeling dizzy or puke.That's why i refuse to take bus everytime,travel by car is WAY better!!

youngest brother been sticking to me ALL THE TIME since i came back.

Half of the journey while brother was seeking for toilet to ease himself....we stopped by Belum RainForest Resort! The resort was looking really kind of wooden resort and it highlights the scenary of Mother Nature.I think, it is suitable for people who loves to discover mother nature and some green adventure.I've seen few ang mohs having their holidays there.And the chalet was nice too =)

Take a look at the ceiling,it is all made up from recycle glass bottle!

Very blur photo cause i was behind the sunlight.

Reached kedah and had dinner.....and the rest should left unspoken. U know...the tradition things like greeting relatives,grandparents,off to sleep and THAT IS ALL :D

Shall proceed to next day,started our journey to Perak at 6am in ze morning.None of us wasn't familiar with the map of what's now?GPS was the only reliance.

This little brother was impressed with the facilites of UTP.

Brother : "Je ah...i think i wanna study here in the future.Why so shuang one?! But all the girls here are not pretty....i dont want! " (In such a serious tone)

No offense to those girls,but this was what my brother said.Hahaha.Laugh die me.So young only then what he cares about is the girls girls and girls only.

Not to said my brother was impressed with this Uni, me too. Aww man, i hope MMU can upgrade to this level too! The library is just......wtfbbqomg HUGE. zzz

Candid one took by noob bro who always try to capture ugly face of me and my mom.

Settled down brother's uni stuff,headed back to KB at around 3something near to 4.When i heard that this journey was going to take around 6 hours to reach home, the first thought of mine, " Oh mai BUTT" grrrrrrrr.Great...

Luckily daddy was good enough to stop by somewhere for us.Guess where?Ngehhheeee Cameron Highland! Well, not exactly on the top of Cameron but the half hill of it.Means, we can shop for yummilicious strawberry,juicy sweet corns,and enjoy the chilling weather!

Large market for all those goods!

Spot the strawberry.Grr the photo quality sucks. Shouldn't resized it.

Say hiyo to sunflower!

RM10 for one box of Strawberry!

daddy bought me 2 :) this one, u MUST try this one!!!The strawberry ice cream stick!

Mummy tried before and she said supa nice! And it wasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss GOOOD!!!! OMG!

RM1 for each.Bought 4 and i ate two :P Imagine the cold weather and i was able to eat that.Tooooo sweeeeettttt.Suitable for sweet tooth like girls :)

Pale face but looking happy eating ice cream!
Happy angel with long red tongue wtf

Fresh strawberry juice sounds good too! Regret for not buying...

Ohmy...should feel proud for our country because i bet Cameron Highland produces the sweetest corn ever in this world.The raw one,steam it and ready to serve! Sweeet and Juicy! TRUE! Unlike those cheat one selling on the market....yiiii. This one is like. best corn EVER.

Dad bought lotssss of this.And i'm eating this almost everyday lol...

The ready steamed one.Ate it on the car.Suit for the weather!

Head back to KB via gua musang.About 4-5more hours....dying zz

Reached home exactly 12am,because stopped by somewhere for dinner.TIRED.Sitting on the car was really exhausting,not to mention the one who been driving since 6am.Thanks for daddy for his patience for driving =)

Phew.....the journey was tiring and guess what's make me the happy angel? Straweberry icecream and Corn!! Lalalala. Must try k!

xo :)


  1. Missing the juicy strawberries and refreshing weather at Cameron Highland!