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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me love foodfair

Elloooo fellas! Been really lazy to update my blog as u can see the recent blog posts are really brief... Lololol. Just came back from a so-called road trip and i will update about it! can't wait to share with you guys! :O

Anyway, last week was a pretty hectic week for me. No..i mean, a little bit more hectic compared to the holidays i used to spent on my hometown . Haaaaa. Mummy's school was having a charity foodfair, 义卖会, they organized once in two year. And this year i've got the chance to lend a hand!

Well, i was graduate from this primary school, and this school is improving much!! Now even Wifi is available in school!! I loveeee ChungHwa heaps even i left for years already.

And what's more, the teachers are still the SAME. My chinese teacher, math teacher, science teacher, and all, are still teaching in the school. Imagine, it's been almost 8years and they are still the same! Hahaha. And no one else recognizes me, only after they look at me for quite a time then only they recalled " oh Ying Ying! I couldn't recognize you! " :(

We reached there around 8am and started to prepare our food.We were in charge of fishball / hotdog stall which we had to fry it instantly and sell. Bitter sweet memory :(

Fishball was the best seller compared to hotdogs. The outcome was good ;)

Our heroin of the day!
Her selling skills was undeniably TOO GOOD. XD

Oily! We used up tons of tissue that day!

Our business first started with easy-go one, which only attracted kids. Kids just couldn't resist with hotdogs and fishball don't they? I was like one of them too when i was young... :P

Then, our business got more and more crowd because most of the best sellers in the foodfair were SOLD OUT. Most of the customers have got too many coupons to use so they had to purchase the hotdogs/fishballs from us.

Poor little stall, we did not had any container for the customers at first. On additional we were out of man source. Got TOO busy frying the food and had to bear with the high temperature of the food. Zzz my skin nearly got burned but it was still small case compared to the kakak who helped us to do all the frying job

Fishball's, Milo's, Indocoffee's :D

Captured before the fair started. :D

The highest record that a customer bought from us was....20sticks of hotdogs at once! Phewwww were so busy just to serve his, other customers had to wait after the 20sticks done. After that he came back again for another 10sticks if no mistaken. Oh myyyy gawd, he had got too many coupons on hand. Lol

Anyway, our sales was a success one i guess. We had a total of RM1314 for the whole sales. Not bad huh for a hotdog/fish ball stall? :D

Gonna update about the roadtrip post ASAP ;) stay tuneddddd!

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