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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Worked as Maxis Crew :O

Urghhh, been neglecting bloggie for like weeks...i know right.. Well, the only reason I find nothing to update! Until then i reminded of something, so the generous lenglui elaine sent me some of the photos to update this post! Thankssss to her, otherwise my blog will turn rusty soon!

Anyhow, that was last last week since i worked for this part-time job. Jennie was the one who informed us the job, but in the end she went to work for home fair! Hahaha.

Okay, just a brief introduction here.We actually worked for the maxis crew for one day only, and the time is from 10am to 5pm. Pay was quite good, because we think that we were like paid here to eat kfc/pizza hut, sapu those goods balik. :D cheapo hor?!

Oh yeah, this maxis event is like a private event strictly for maxis dealers. Whoever got the invitations only can attend that event. They organized this event to rewards those dealers in purpose.

Best part-time job i ever seen! Well, this is the 2nd part-time job for me only. Muahaha. But according to my friend that used to do lots of part-time job, he had the same thought too! He said he never did such a good offered part-time job in his entire life!

So glad that all of us especially girls been selected to work at the registration counter, our job was kinda easy and relax!!

Owh~Did i mentioned girls?Nooo, my bf worked for this too.Cannot imagine arh how come he agreed to take this part-time job too?! And he was so lucky because he was in the same group with us. And what he did was to make the balloons and give it to the kids.

From there, i can see how amazing a balloon can make a kid's day.Seeing them screaming and yelling over a balloon.Hahaha of course its all about a happy-scream.Omgggg, i met 2 siblings that super alike with Dora the explorer!! I am so regret for not taking photo with them! They were like, the copy of Dora! Big dolly eyes, black short hair, and somemore carrying the backpack like how dora did all the time! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!! My bf said totally alike too!

Yea almost this face!

Well,we were given a few food vouchers to exchange some foods for our lunch.There were Kfc, Pizza Hut, 100Plus, Nestle Ice-cream for us to choose. Nom nom nom. We even gathered our vouchers to exchange a carton of 100plus. Hahaha clever leh!

Somemore, our counter giving some mystery gift to the guests, some of the box were broken so the supervisor decided not to give away those. So we kept ourselves, and took all the foods inside! Great isn't? :P

spot the mystery gift beside me. :O

Inside the hall, there were lots of games booth, shopping booth, and also animal farm! Grrrr! Those animals were like so effin cute! Hamsters, rabbits, birdies, and some kind of kangaroo, hedgehog like the photos below, and a not-so-cute snake.Gah i hate snakes!!

And and and...the photo-taking booth beside our counter. We were able to take a photo there and they will print out the photo copies for everyone of us, F-O-C! Mad happy!

See the outcome! :D

Group pic :O

So happy after the end of day although it was quite exhausting, most importantly thanks to jennie who gave us lobang to do this job!!! I want this kind of job somemore, anyone??!?!


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