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Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Out of nothing,just randomly feel like blogging.I know right,the midterm is day after tomorrow.I swear i will start to study after this!Still left 6chapters to go.And i knew that i can make it within this 48hours. :D

Anyway,this post is gonna be some sort of sharing post.Hah,gonna share with you guys some good stuff here.Lalalala TADA!

The Brands Inner Shine i've been drinking all this while.Saw the advertisement on the TV and it says that this drink can make you look more charming!Muahahaa idk its true or not,so asked mom to buy this for me.

I chose Berry Essence over Plum Essence.Cuz i think that berry will definitely tastes better than plum.And it turned out to be so true!Goshh,the taste is really thumb-up,i feel like i'm taking berries instead of berry essence! Though i never tried plum before.But im gonna stick to berry one!

Well..talking about the effect of this drink,i think my cheeks and lips turn to be more reddish.Sometimes my complexion is quite pale especially right after my menstrual cycle,i think it's lack of blood or something.So it is effective when my complexion is looking pale! :P

Anyway!There's six bottles in a pack,and it costs around RM25-RM30 something.I forgot the exact price yet the price is reasonable compared to others beautify drinks.

Bet you guys heard about this promotion recently held by starbucks? Yep just got to try it yesterday.Well, i didn't buy it but just drink a little,cuz me no likey CAFFEIN! Well,i naively thought that all the frappuccino is caffein beverage,turned out i was wrong.Heh,never really go and pong chan Starbucks because i am definitely not a coffee-lover.

Well,i got to try Mocha.And it is...really not my cup of tea.Saya x suka coffee lok!Then i tried Frap Java Chips, the worker said it is like hazelnut flavour and the drink was really good!! Strongly recommended that!For those who doesn't like caffein like i do :P

But for those who lovessss coffee,i will recommend you to buy Mocha as i see so many caffein-lovers love mocha! Fast grab your drinks now at half price!

Now little missy is going to work her ass on studies!xx :))))

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