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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A place you must visit in Malaysia - Asian Water Sports Village

Photos credit to Lim & Mr Wong.

Well as i mentioned in my last post, i had a great one-week-trip last week. Right after the makan trip @ penang island, i went up to KL. We had another plan with the boyf' buddies. Teehee

See the group pic above? Ever heard of this name? Asian Water Sports Village! Hot name recently huh? I bet this is a new hotspot for youngsters to spend their holidays.

Well, i am missing this place already. 2D1N for this place is really insufficient! Although, i'm scared of the water-sports game they provide, because missy don't know how to swim /shame. yet, living in such a luxury places, definitely considered as another FUN.

Our suite! 3-storey house. Well the second one from the left is ours. Look cool huh? :D

they provide 16 beds & extra boosts air-conditional lol

Outside the house, there is a Jacuzzi too! I used to fulfill my dream to have a jacuzzi in my house by playing The Sims. But not anymore in Asian Water Sports Village!

The closer look of it.

Beside jacuzzi, there is a Sauna too.

And this itchy itchy fishie spa! Good for removing your foot dead cells!

See how we FULLY UTILIZED the facilities :D

Having a warm indulge in the jacuzzi after the water sports.

Even raining outside, it doesn't matter :P

These four guys were enjoying their life by having dominos along. like 大少爷

Peace!! Havent got bitten by the fishie.

In fact the fish only do their task on ah jiao only. IDK WHY!

Not to forget, Bicycle! I love riding bicycle!! All about my childhood memories!

Let's talk about the games they provide. The suite is built just beside a Lake. Hence, they provide some water sports for the visitors! Banana boat, jet ski, etc cause i dont know those names! hahaha. So lets the photos be the proof aite!

Those guys ready to shoot!

I never dare to try this..and my boyf and his budd were like so semangat before the ride, but when they came back they looked like dead fish. LOL

This is like the TOP game among those games. Exciting!

Banana boat! Which u will fall into the lake!! For water phobia person like me,
scary @.@

Now it is indoor games turn! People's all time favourite Wii, Mahjung, Snockers & Carom!

Ohh shush! How about dinner? No worries! Smell bbq? Yes! They provide BBQ stuff so we can bring our bbq food materials there and barbeque them!! Noms noms noms..cheese hotdog with honey!

Tadahhh we ended our night with poker.Pokkkkkker face! Nice games i learned and next time i shall introducue this game with you guys! :O


Anyway Asian Water Sports Village is located at Puchong.And the price is differ depends on your preference package! Secret here, the price is super affordable!!

Anyone up for it? Call Mr Wong at 017-6942580!

He will provides you more details about this! Instead of typical tourists spot in m'sia like Genting Highland, Cameron Highland etc etc.. I suggest you guys to come here with ya friends!

Baby Charlotte says : bye bye bye :P


  1. the outdoor jacuzzi is superb, wish I had the chance to try.

  2. wow cool post you have there! :D