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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Motivation + Penang Trip

Well, just came back from a week of trip which was super awesome yet super tiring. Been resting since last night around 8pm and still, feeling tired all the time. FML.

Anyhow it was still worthy because i had a real AWWWWWesome trip last week. Am missing those places already.

The first destination of the trip - Penang!

With my dearest darls & buddies! of course with the boyfie too!

What i am going to tell, i'm not going to blog the penang trip in a full details anyhow. Sigh... i can't understand why am i so lazy nowadays. Even to blog a little. Seeing the declining of visitors doesn't motivate me at all.

Yet, i know there will be a person will blog about it! Stay tune for Jennie's blog! I BET SHE WILL BLOG ABOUT THIS. Hahahaha. Seems like im giving her pressure. :P

And so you can notice the photos i am tagged or photos-i-will-be-uploaded-in-facebook-soon. Those are bits from the penang trip :D

Loving this picha! :O

@monkey beach

Meet our friendly & efficient tour guide! Henry Tan!

Snake temple :S

We had lots of fun in penang, aren't we? :)

All photos credits to Elaine/Henry. I got no time to transfer those photos to my pc yet :P

Sorry for those emotional i brought, i guess it was all PMS's fault. And i was truly terrified when i was in the tunnel, i am a total coward and im scared of dark. It was really SCARY when you can't see anything in such a pitch dark place. Still having a super muscular guy yet with a very coward traits behind me, making me feel more insecure. :(


Lalala, WE had a lotssssssss of fun although i missed out some places. Finally, thanks to our tour guide Henry. When you guys need any tour guide when visiting Penang island, you can look for him! Feedback for this tour guide : friendly/efficient/systematic/good photographer! Oh yea, he is our senior too! He is currently studying in MMU Cyber Jaya. I bet he is now very keen to be tour guide already. HAHAHA :D

Spending 3D2N in penang island and off to KL!

i never tell my mom i went to KL after that i scared she will be worrying about me. So don't go and tell her k? thankiu!

Ohright...will blog about Asian Water Sport Village once i found my motivation back. Or if im lazy to blog, i will upload those photos too!


  1. yes!! visitor decreasing still okay. but the not-increasing nuffnang earning really demotivates!!

    haha. is okay la. i thought i forced u into the dark tunnel and u will hate me ad. haha. anyhow u can't deny that it is a good experience right? u will be the first person to say no to war. LOL

    btw, Asian Water Sport Village is at puchong there one right? last time when they just open they got promotion one, but i still didnt get to go. sigh!

  2. LOL i didn't hate you at all lah my tour guide! haha i was just scared!!

    yup puchong that one! the promotion ends at june u should go and try!!! after june the price will increase ad. but the place was awesome! go and try someday!

  3. I love Penang too, been many times and still cannot get enough.