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Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm missing y-o-u

Out of sudden,i'm missing quite a number of stuff/person. I don't know what is wrong with me this year, 2011 is a big mess year. What kind of year is this. Shits happened, more and more to come i bet. A tough year, am i gonna go through it? Idontknow.

Think about karma and i know it's all about it.Owh fuck.I've better remain silent.I apologized for everyone that i offended.I know i was wrong.I am not asking for any forgiving,this is your right and i have nothing to control your right.

Homesick often happens when i'm so sick of everything, all i want is to go homesweethome and hide from all the reality, and have a good pampering session from the parents..I'm done with all this.Life is rather meaningless.Ain't looking forward to any future shit.

She is asking me to go home faster.I miss her and same goes to her.

Missing friends that always make me laugh like a madwoman.I admit i miss you guys hell lots.Somehow reminding of the jokes you guys told, really made my day a little.I hope you all could be by my side and cheer me up always :)


Somehow i'm missing the girl's craziness!!! I love how they dance about O-M-G. Hahahaha

Somehow i think of how fun was my secondary life..I wish i could go back to school sometimes.But a secondary life without tuition lar.I hate tuition to the max.

And hey, the first time ever i exposed my sec sch camwhore pic XD

And yeah, it directly make me miss about my short hair!! Last few days i had a sudden urge to cut my hair short! But i know it is not going to happen until i got a big curls. I always wanted that look. Will cut short my hair after i'm really sick of my long hair. :D

Hate my long hair sometimes because it is hard to manage and i have a severe hair fall. wtf.

Looks younger right?!


Of all of that, whenever im having a emotional breakdown i will be surely think of FOOD as well.Say i'm fat i don't care. Especially spicy and sour food, like Asam Laksa in penang! Had that awesome asam laksa the last penang trip and i'm super missing it nao!

Awesome cendol and awesome laksa i swear.

Wait..i'm missing someone too.But i'm purely heart-broken.I know perhaps that's a joke or what, but for me it wasn't a joke at all.It breaks my heart like totally.

Treating people good doesn't mean that they will treat you good too.It depends.Anyhow i'm not kind of people who love to hurt the people i love, i'm always doing my part, if you're not, i'm gonna let it be and not going to step any closer to you.


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