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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What i did last weekend....

Last weekend of mine had been fully occupied, and guess what i did? Hee nothing much, just being the working committee of the Chinese Orchestra's event the " 乐宴 concert " .

I'm not performing lah of course! Still in newbie level :P Just lend a hand during the pre-concert, during-the-concert, and after-the-concert. I'm pretty satisfied with this event, as the jobs given were really easy and relaxing. I LIKE!

And whats a coincidence i been that place before! Hahaha, when i was form 2. And it brought up loads of memories. I misss you guys :(

Anyhow, let's start with the post. And I'm gonna go with a brief one this time, aite?

They eat snake! I was behind there busy. tsk tsk tsk! :D

paste/draw/cut/the alphabets

Nice? :D

My camera doesn't work well in a dark condition! :(

annnnnd this is the stage!

Before the event starts...

During the concert. Photo credits to KentTan :D

And finally, we were all done w the event!

I got no mood for blogging now because i'm just too happy for my brother! Congratulations!!! I wish i could back in town to celebrate with him! And all i wish he could get scholarships! Yayyy!

Bravoooo brother! All your efforts had paid off! :D

p/s:will blog about the appreciation dinner!

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