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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sooooooooooooo Random! M.I.A

Note:will blog randomly according to the photo i uploaded ok?:D

So yeah, i've been M.I.A in blogsphere for a while i guess? Ahaha so not used when i didn't update my blog frequently. I must admit i've been acting real lazy recently to blog! Sigh, all because of the addictive facebook game!

My Shops!

And here is the girl who introduced me the game and now i'm addicted to it. Olasigh, i spend my entire time to decorate the shops, restock the goods, click the customer's love etc etc etc...

i don't even wanna check my facebook newsfeed all because of THIS GAME!!!

overall, i'm in love with ze game. <3

Celebrated another friend 20th birthday yesterday! The handsome finally turned into 20th hohoho, wish him all the best and stay shuai shuai forever!

The handsome and his love and the pretty cute cupcakes!

Group pic! Why do i look so short! /grumpy
and spot bf's new hairstyle!

Ohyeahyeah, bf bought a new ipod touch recently, so i'm like, playing with it everyday. Hehehehe. He downloaded most of the girlygames and yeay, so happy lol!

and ohyeahyeah, i even flooded his new baby with all my pictures. Muahahahha! He just told me, " eh don't you realize all my gadgets are all flooded with your photos? "
ALAH, consider yourself lucky la ok? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHA camwhore with my camwhore pic. epic lol

Ok, this part must be sad abit.

I got 2 stitches on my foot!!!!

Mou gan jiong, fyi i had a super freaky corns on my foot 2months ago, and the doctor insisted to remove it. It was a very minor operation which was done within 15mins. The operation was a lil painful because i was given a little anaesthesia, i dare not look but i did peak a little, and i regretted.

Wtf the wound was really disgusting! I swear i will never want this thing on my foot anymore! Ohyuck, i cried that night because i keep remind of the disgusting wound. -.-

I was told to take care of my wound carefully and my stitches can be removed after one week, so by that time i'm already back in melaka.

Unfortunately, my wound worsen few days ago and i was taken to clinic. The doc gave me another medicine so yeah tmr i'm going to remove my stitches!

HOPEFULLY, godbless lah my wound already healed so that i dont need the stupid bandage anymore, i can never walk normally with that. =/

OK last two random stuff, on a BRIGHTER noteSS, i got a RM30 vouches from PDI. Aiyah, RM30 is better than nothing right? But if give me more then i happier lo. :P

AND I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULT! Hahahahaha just got my result this morning, and i was like really panicked about it because i had 3 nightmares that i failed my macroeconomics, in fact It was only just a dream~

Hehehehe, pass that subject and got quite a satisfying result which was all beyond my expectation. Okay, cgpa did dropped a lil lah, but it considered good for me, and really, i'm satisfied already :)

Thanks God!!!

Gotta stop here, pray that my stitches can be removed already! I'm done with these!

Enjoy reading readers! Although this post its like a lil' rush? Hahaha. xo

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