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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes i can be really lame...

I know you guys will totally agree with my title. Two hands up? Yea i gotta admit myself, and this time, this post is specially dedicated to my dearest roommate who is having slight running nose now which she uses one roll of toilet tissue per day. :P

Hopefully this post can cheer her up! ( Perhaps this might not cheer her up yet she might think of killing me and my small hubbie ! ) HAHAHAHA curious?

Anywayyyyy, i promised that i gonna update my COS appreciation dinner right? Can i take back my words now? Am lazy! But i am gonna share this photo which i like the most!

P/S: i gonna say i like two of the girls beside me but not myself! screw that pimples and i look super short here. But this photo is like a lil' bit "gossip girl" cover. Muahahah.

The rest of the photos, you can take a look in my facebook. The photos are tagged :D

Back to topic! Roommate... you curious whats inside this post? :DDDD












Hehehehe... there was one day, u went to work for pc fair and i became your Peno's mothersitter.

Fyi, peno is my roommate's kid. I dunno whether peno is a girl/boy, for me i think peno is a boy but wearing girly necklace. HAHAHA

Jeng jeng, the main character of this post!

And yes, i just did a PHOTOSHOOT session for Peno! Can u see i capitalized the word - photoshoot? I was really bored at the time so i just took out my camera and saw peno on the bed...... nearly talk to him due to boredom but lastly changed my mind to photoshoot him. hahahah

Hahaha i know i noob lah. dunno how to photoshoot one. camera i using also not DSLR. hahahaha anyway, THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER DID PHOTOSHOOTING WITH A BEAR! /proud

Proudly introduce Peno and my hubbie!
The white colour pillow peno hugging :D

The story started like this....

sometiems i think Peno hated hubbie, because he loved by me...

sometimes i think peno will cry on my hubbie...

Sometimes i think Peno love the smell of his owner's 风油

And sometimes he is being emotional when his owner abandoned him at home :(

Lastly, a candid shot for peno while he was emo-ing.

End of story...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Roommate, it makes you mad or happier? And noni don't kill me!!!! :P

Gonna off to do my case study! Tataz!

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