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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm in the paper!

Regarding to the title, YES IM IN THE PAPER! Hahahaha!

fyi, It is New Straits Times!

I didnt knew about that since i never read newspaper until uncle yeo told me through facebook. And thanks to him, he found this and gave it to me! :DDD

Here's the evidence! Check this out!

At first when he informed me about this, i tot i gonna be popular ad the whole page about me, but then turned out to be a small section only. Muahhahahahaha! Kidding lah! :D

Anyway, im blogging this for the sake of youthsays. I joined this months ago via jenny's recommendation.

Hee, now i'm posting those advertisement through my facebook/twitter right? I'm doing it for money! Fyi, i already got the money in my bank account!

Sometimes, says will send you some survey to your mail box and you can earn some penny by completing the survey too! And if you're lucky like me, you can appear on the paper as well! how good isit! :D

So..what you need to do, first, join, click HERE.

Then..just simply share any advertisement on your facebook/twitter and you can start earning money from now on!

Don't forget to check your mail box for the survey thingie :D

Till then, will update more if i'm free aite? xo

1 comment:

  1. Oh Youthsays :D I appeared twice last year because of em. Congrats on it anyway!