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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I must update mua blog!

Blog visitors have been drastically dropped ever since my lazy attitude returned. Ohhh well i am very lazy! And i dont have any event to update recently!

Urgh sad case.. Anyhow my life is pretty good now, and pretty enjoyable, since this is a short semester and i'm only taking 2 subjects!

Hehehehehe 2subjects! One of the subject do not have examinations, it is a whole assignment based subject and another one consists only a midterm examination which only occupied 30%. Yeahhhh! Okay that means that i gotta work hard on my assignment. LAZY BUM!

My life is like fucked up recently, i've been spending alot of my money on my wound! Like how? I've been visiting the clinic almost 3 times a week, just to check whether the stitches on my wound can be removed or not. And it's been a week and my wound still not fully recover!

Shit! I'm so sick of frequently visiting the clinic! Even the smell of the clinic i also can recognize already! Gimme another chance i will never want the minor operation!!!! Arghhhh so regret why would i let the doctor remove it by operation.

Most of ppl dont know what's Corns or what we called 鸡眼 in chinese. Even me myself don't know what the fuck was that when i got it on my toe until my friend told me. Even my parents dont know about that!

It is practically formed from a blister, which we called 水泡 in chinese. I just got this useful information from the clinic.

Once u got the blister on your body part, do make it shrink by watever ways, u like to use the tajam tajam thing to make it shrink, or u like to bite it, or u like to pinch it or watever lah! Just make it shrink within 3 hours once u notice the blister or else, it will transform into corns.

And once u got the corns on ur body part, it is kinda fugly! Yuckssss. So the best way, go and seek for doctor and ask him for the acid-medicine (which my friend who experienced this before told me) and DO NOT ASK FOR THE WATSOEVER OPERATION like mine!

Well i didnt ask for it but my doc insisted it. Although i never blame like the doc is no good or wat i still very respect him as he was the one who cure my every sickness when i was kiddo, yet this operation is pretty unnecessary which will causes you more troubles.

Seriously. this is a GOLDEN ADVICE from me. Just use the acid-med, it takes time perhaps 2weeks or one month, but it is all worth it. U will never want to suffer the pain like me. :(

And so...i dont know wtf is wrong with my skin and it is on my face. Dont know the medicine effect or allergic or wat lah caused it. It is like a piece of skin that is fairer than my usual skintone appears on my face. Darn. It is not that obvious actually but still i think it is fucking ugly..i keep telling my friends that im going to 毁容 already. Ahhh shit!

It is not fungal im sure, i never sweat how come got fungal! Mostly is because of allergic or what lah. WalaSighhhhhhh. Sien ahh! Tell me why why why why why why!

WHAT IS HAPPENING IM SO SHUAY LOH RECENTLY! Ok la must tell myself im lucky im lucky so that the luck will visit me.

So sorry i dont know if you've got the patience to read all these. Obviously it is my ranting post. I shall stoppppppp and think of what my mom told me. Thankiu mummy ILY!

OK! Wishmelucks!! :D

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