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Friday, March 4, 2011


Halo!! 2 more days to go back malacca. I must be missing my family and friends alot, and those creative/ridiculous jokes from them. But in a meanwhile, i'm missing my friends from melaka too!

Staying 2 weeks here, it is time to go back for my studies. It is no good slacking everyday, i dont wanna grow fat!! and i miss cinema too. hehehehe I'm coming back here very soon, perhaps this May. Time flies u know..

So based on the title, cny already like ages ago but im still updating post about chu 2. late noh! :P

Ok well, i still spent my chu 2 in singapore. My relatives from johor bharu visited us. The house was so crowded! Before they reached, we went to serangoon garden club house to watch the cny performance, those lion dance thingie.

Before leaving the house, we.....

The club house is just a stone away from uncle's house.

Reached the main hall of the club house!

Many ang-mohs kia joined us too! :)

So-called sweet couple! Muahahaha

and so..the first performance. Chinese drum thingie. idk whats the name la..

Dragon-dance next..

Lastly, white lion dance! /thumbup

Relatives reached while the time we were in club house. So yeah, Lou sang again lol.

Homemade yu sang with strawberries & kiwis. special eh? :D

We were so keen to go out but the adults were plain tired with the universal studio on chu1. So..we kiddos went out by ourselves. :)

We first decided to go Nexx shopping centre which is the nearest shopping centre in serangoon garden. But unfortunately the most of the shops in shopping centre were still closed due to cny. So we decided to go China Town! Haa.

bought few souvenirs for the tan brothers :)
and all the grandchildren bought a shirt for popo too.

Ah Wen and me =)

We only had about 45 mins to shop there because we had to rush back home for dinner.

And...bye bye china town :(

My 2013's Cny will be in Sg too!
Ok, Yay!

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