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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pre-CNY :D


Holiday mode is officially turning on, i'm currently slacking @ LCCT, boarding time is still an hrs to go. So yeah, blog first :D

Feeling so relieved now, the main reason is i just freaking finished my final exam! Yeah, i fucked up literally, didn't really study much, especially the first paper. Aww Man, i just need a PASS for that subject, dont wanna take sup paper seriously. GIMME A PASS!

Gonna go back hometown for 2weeks...time to have a good rest, since i didn't really have sufficient sleep during the finals. Studying at the eleventh hour is ALWAYS my thing. Ok..nothing to be proud of. =.=

Pre-CNY is the post, what we did before Cny or reunion dinner begins.

It's Alice and JeeJee's birthday! Both of them are siblings but were borned on the same day, which is the day during CNY, idk whether it was Chu1, chu2 or chu3...but it is on the CNY period based on the lunar calendar.

We celebrated their birthday every cny since we were kiddo. And this year, we celebrated their birthday at uncle's home. It was afternoon before reunion dinner :D

Foods that Wan and Aunty Marie prepared.

The birthday cake of 'em. It's all chocolate, NO CREAM at all!

Birthday girl holding red eggs :D

While waiting for the food to be prepared, we had fun playing with the home pet, Lenny!

The favourite pet of the home. Lenny!


Other than celebrating their birthday, the elderier were also busy decorating the house with all those 春联. So there was a story about the coming of these few well-written 春联, my cousins who took bus from KL to Sg actually found these on the passenger seats, the passenger left these on the seat. He probably forgot to take these when he dropped off at JB. So...LUCKY US!

So what's more? Mahjong! It's a tradition for every chinese i guess?! Hahaha. We are noobies but we were kind off addicted to that :P

Besides all those, we enjoyed playing gamessss at uncle's house especially Guitar Hero & Wii! I love guitar hero the most, well i'm playing the easy mode, but still enjoy it very much! especially the being the drummer! :)

And those kiddies play with this guns. It's like world war III upstairs!

Went to have a walk around Serangoon garden and also went to Macdee.Just out of boredom. :P


Okay that's all! I shall go for my breakfast! Goodluck to all my friends who taking STPM! :)