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Monday, February 28, 2011

It is going to be superrrr random here!

Okay peeps, this post is going to be very bery random as i just sudden got the urge to blog..and so i would like to be random on this!

#1 I bought my baby!

Okay firstly, i ever mentioned in my previous post right? i was in dilemma in choosing camera. And yes, i bought Lumix, but not FH22, but DMC-FH20. Hahahaha so paiseh u know, because FH22 never exists in Malaysia market!

And thanks to my bf, he helped me alot, but ended up i don't want any camera from lowyat. I felt so sorry to him. I admit i'm really fussy and particular person, when i wanna get something, i must ensure that the stuff must be the one i ever wanted.The colours, the spec, the price and all..

Thanks to lucklady, she always side on me :) I went to have grocery shopping with parents in KB mall and i found out there's a price markdown in lumix store now!

The actual price of FH20 is RM800++ and it dropped to RM699 now. Cheap right?! And my parents sponsored me 60% of it. Ohhhhh thankiu!!! but the bad news is, im so damn broke now :(

anyway, got happy lah! now everyday playing with my new baby :)

and i camwhored. lollll a good cam must take my pic nice nice ma tsk :P

#2 Introducing you guys super funny video from Xia Xue's Guide To Life!

Click here! Ngehehehe. And attention, you must be 18yrs old and above, only legal to watch this okay?

Hilarious max! I always love watching Xiaxue's guide to life, you guys should really watch it. HAHAHA

#3 im currently hooked up to........

When i'm at hometown, what i did at home is only steam video, and watch series, okay first...


This comedy is sooooo funny can! The jokes they cracked are actually related with scientific facts which i dont understand at all. But i really don care, cuz i only laughed at the jokes inside.

I love sheldon copper! Shit, i'm so in love with this series until i she bu de to watch it all. So will just keep and keep, because i only got the complete season 4 here.

So secondly....

Paris Hilton My New BFF season 2

I know this show is like a year ago or when already, but ever since i watched season 1, i am so likey already! hahahaha. Though it is childish for them to compete to become paris's bff but the show is really good, i mean like, i like those reality show like this...

You can watch it at here. The video quality is depending on your connection. So sometime i got a really good quality but sometimes i got quite a blur one.

I'm gonna end lazy already! ngehehehe. Goodbye! :)

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