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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dilemma in choosing new camera....

Godknows i spoiled my previous camera, and i LITERALLY cannot survive without camera! Life without camera is so boringgggggggggggggg, and my blog will be extra boring as well, no nice picture, so dull =/

FYI, i'm in dilemma situation to choose among few choices....

I was first set this as my first choice - Nikon S4000

Unfortunately it is kinda hard to find this model anymore because the latest model S4100 is coming out soon, so the model and colour is kinda rare in the market now. But on a brighter note, the price is very cheap, it is only RM520!

Obviously thats the price from LOWYAT.

After i did some research, i kinda in love with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH22. Okay this camera is so attractive, and it is 14.1 megapixel and 8x optical zoom. (FYI, i just know how to see this megapixel and optical zoom spec, others i don know! Muahahaha. and what matters the most, THE APPEARANCE of the camera! )

Okay, i can feel fh22 is calling me to buy he is asking me " hey missy, try me out, i can be your good companion, seriously i will..." Damn. i even felt like he is talking to me, i think i gone nuts =.=

NICE ISN'T?!?!?!?! Argh i feel like buying now!! But my budget is around RM500-RM600, and i dont know how much this actually costs me! I asked the boyf to help me do some price research at lowyat this weekend, pray hard i can get a freaking good price and bring this baby home.

And there is friend asking me to get Canon Ixus 105, she strongly recommended me to purchase this as she is using and thinks it functions real good.

But seriously, i already got that lumix in my mind, all the time like seriously, so im gonna see hows the price and decide whether to buy that or nikon.

Anyway, whoever has any better idea/comments please tell me here!! Thankiuuu =)

Anyhow not gonna get a expensive one, because i just need a camera that can take a moderately-nice photo, don't need to be toooo extra nice and im so broke can! And i wanna save that money to travel and shopping! XD


  1. The first one seems decent enough :) You're aiming to do any professional photography right! It's just, camwhoring? haha

  2. ariff, you're right just for camwhoring! muahahaha. dont need any professional one la :P

  3. I strongly recommend Cannon Ixus 105 too. the outlook is quite stylish what ;p