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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bunny Year - 大年初一 (Universal Studio Singapore)

Great, been resting like there's no exam anymore. I stopped and rest, so i can have more energy for the next long long journey mah :D

Anyway, should have start my revision this few days because another 2 papers awaiting. I must complain again! WHY DA FUCK WE HAVE TO EXAM DURING CHINESE NEW YEAR LAH?!?!?!?! While others are busying celebrating it, and we're pathetically studying in the library. Shyt. Unfair can!

I know i rant the same damn issue for like thousand times already, but still wanna rant. Spare me mmu student very ke lian u know :(

Okay soooo, on 大年初一, my family and cousin's family went to Universal Studio Singapore. Woke up so damn early in the morning, dolled up and ready to go!

While waiting for other members to prepare, took few pictures when we got those angpaus XD

What's good in singapore? The transport are very convenient! Buses, Lrt, Mrt, everything! And what's best? The punctuality. Seriously, M'sia has to upgrade the buses punctuality. Ohh how i love about it when we dont really wait for half and hrs or even an hour for the bus, they reach on time! It only took us the most, yea right the most 10mins for a bus.
/bigwidesmile on face

Took bus frm serangoon garden to serangoon mrt station $1.
From serangoon mrt station to Harbour Front. I forgot the fare already =O

Poor me, the stupid corn on the feet just wouldn't heal! any effective way?

Reached Vivo City

Supposingly we were able to take a lrt to Sentosa Island, but due to the crowd, we were all encouraged to walk along the sentosa boardwalk for 45minutes to get to sentosa.

At the first place i heard 45mins of walking distance, i was like "wtfffff?!" But LUCKILY, the boardwalk was really good! We were able to have a look on the awesome view of sentosa, and also there were a lot of attractions along the boardwalk!

$1 for the boardwalk =D

Brother holding the super long map of sentosa.

Blurie mom and me =)

Cousin's family!

Finalleh, we reached universal studio. FYI we lost in the sentosa island earlier just to get the online booking tickets. LOL The island is toooooo big! and Universal Studio is only one of the attraction inside. Gotta discover more next time!

The entrance tix for universal studio costs us $72 per person. The currency rate is 2.34 if im not mistaken.

My family except Papa was at penang.

First station we went - Hollywood Street

Ohh sweet, car-like-POPCORN-stall

Brother super love this

Cute stuffie in the souvenir shops.
Cute, sweet, exclusive and SUPER EXPENSIVE!

Trophys. I got one, guess what? I will reveal soon, stay tune....
not in this post definitely :P
/laughing inside

Three pretty girls performing old school singing and dancing

Uhh not to forget there are always real people immitating super star like
Maryly Monroe

You have to queue in order to take a pic with them.
So yeah, marylyn was the most famous one, too much crowd =.=

so i just took the pic behind the guy hahahah

Then right after Hollywood street, we were at New York City. Which i love the most! Cuz my chuck bass is living there. Tsk tsk.

What did this person represents?

Love this so much, the background so damn real can!

Here comes my chuckkkkk empire hotel :)

Free Hats testing! :D

Witch and the king!


Then the sci-fi city which full of weird freak all along the road.LOL

And this freaking huge roller coaster which is having 2 kind of it combined
Red colour track - HUMAN
Blue colour track - CYLON
I only dare to take the red one, ugg i must be crying if i were to take the blue one.

Then the Egypt.

The roller coaster inside it was really COOL! I played it twice! HAHAHA It tells the story about mummy while you're riding the roller coaster. I was terrified, so as the youngest brother lol

Afterwards, Jurrasic Park - The Lost World, which i heart the most! Do you guys ever watched that movie when you were a kid? That movie was classic.

We were lining up for the canopy ride for like an hrs i guess?Haha that ride was very relaxing and you feel very windy througout the ride! :D

And also, the most most most recomended play in Universal Studio. But please slap me, i already forgot wat's the name of that already. SLAP ME!!!!!

Okay, very easy, when you enter the park, look for the water-splash kind of play. you will get very wet while playing that.It is a journey when you met those dinosours in the jungle.

Exciting! And this is really thumb-up!

My little cousin, isn't he cute? hahaha

Next, Madagascar world! too bad we don't really do anything inside this, due to the technical problem of the ride.

But we do took pic here XD

And also this kiddy ride :P

Last but not least, Far Far Away! Ahhhh this place is so sweet and dreamy! Princesses all around and there is a awesome palace. I love this dreamy feeling which i can imagine i'm the snow white. HAHAHAHA. Ok lah i'm not snow white, im fat white lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ><

Watched Shrek 4D movie inside, worth for the wait! And the donkey live show which was quite....bored. And lastly, the dragon ride, another kiddy play.

Dreamy hor?


The labu car that cinderella took! I wish i were the cinderalla!!!!!!!

Was so lucky to watch the AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME x31233403498 fireworks before heading back. Awwwwwwwww, i love fireworks!!!

The last five photos then i'm heading to bed already, it is freaking 4am now.I AM SO EXHAUSTED, although the tiredness couldn't compare to how i felt that day after the universal studio. I was dead on my feets :(

We reached home around 1am that night. yet memorable and nice! :)

before heading back.........last 5 pics as i promised.

Super tired look while waiting for the fireworks.

I will definitely go and visit universal studio again and im bringing that stupid tanfei along! :P

Please appreciate this long long long post and read that.Cuz i wasted so much energy and time on it.Muahahahahha tengkiuuuuu.loveyou


note:photos will be uploaded in facebook soon, i think?too much to upload in post

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