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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunny year - The Reunion Dinner

Hi guys! I've been abandoned my blog for weeks due to the stupid final exam! Sighhh, anyway 3 subjects are down and left 2 more to go! and there is a 6 days interval. Yeepee! Time for rest and time for BLOG :D

How ya'all doing during your cny? I was having a great one in Singapore. Went to universal studio, china town, and most important thing, had very very very memorable moments with cousies that didn't meet for at least 1 yrs. I miss them now already!!!! =(

Anyway, remember my previous post that i mentioned the train to singapore couldn't function due to the flood? yea, exactly, the train was not working so my mom, brothers and me had to take bus all the way down to singapore. All flight tix are booked as well.

So yeah, a total of 13hours journey, which was quite tormenting because on the bus we couldn't really sleep well. However, the bus service wasn't that BAD as we thought, it was the transnasional business class. the seat was spacious, and the bus even provided us blanket. No wonder the tickets cost us RM 80 each, expensive than train and flight tix u know?!

Ok, that's much for the rant. At least, we reached singapore safe and sound the next morning :D

CUT THE CRAP!!!! I Shall go back to my topic.

Mua reunion dinner, had it at the country club with my grandma, cousies, relatives. :D

Align Center

The "teenage" table, and the elder one beside us.

Gosh, i found another twin sister here!

Menu of the day, some good some bad~

Everyone posing with the oranges! LOL

Act cute sial!

Our lou sang, may our year a prosperity one :)

So gonna introduce you guys this special dish, wasabi mayonaisse prawn. It was quite spicy at first yet it tastes very good when u swallow everything inside. /thumb up

Rosa Wine that uncle brought back frm europe. Very sweet taste! Love it!


Ze very cute siblings!

Yea right if you believe i actually drink it all. :D

A proper pic with the wine XD

Alice and Me :)

There go the boys! :D

Okie, that's all for my reunion dinner post, will blog about chu1 of my cny SOON! Chu1 aka Universal Studio post :)

Stay tuned!! xx

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