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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roaster Eating Day!

I've been neglecting my blog for like a week and i felt extremely guilty about it. Mainly because of the nuffnang stuff. Lol, anyway im back to the blogsphere now and going to blog about the KRR eating day.

This event was on 12th of January, which we were able to get one quarter meal free if we bought a set of quarter meal. The requirements was, we got to have some red colour no matter on our clothing, footwear or accessories. Then, we're qualified to get 1 free quarter meal if we bought a set of quarter meal from KRR!

Me wearing red stripes :D

Roaster Eating Day - RED

The girls :)

He claimed that he wore a red colour underwear LOLLL

GKJ was so excited!

My quarter meal with my top 3 favourite side dishes :)

Each boy had 2 set of quarter meal. MADNESS!

The remains..omg

So the total amount of the quarter meal we ordered was, 9 plates, + another 9 plates for free. INSANITY! Fyi we had only 12 person on the table and we had 18 plates of quarter meal.

Oh right, i was really impressed with the appetite of those guys. I couldn't even finish mine. :(

andrew and allen say hi ;)

Well i know this post consider to be a lil' brief yet i was just looking for stuff to update my almost-dead blog. I only want to keep this blog updating :D

Btw, CNY is coming soon, what's your plan?

I got to admit i can't wait for the coming CNY!!! I practically already dumped all the notes behind despite i going to have a final exam right after my 5th day of CNY. FML! :O

Le sighhhhhhhhhhhh! :(

Couldn't have cny gathering with my kb friends anymore like we used to have it EVERY YEAR. /cry

That's all for this. I will try to update more! :DDD

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