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Monday, January 31, 2011

I want to go Singaland :(

Goodmorning readers! FYI, the time is 0705 now, i am awake already! SO PROUD OF MYSELF CAN?!

Slept at 2am last night, took a total of 4hrs sleep and awake. Think i am worry about the flood at johor, because i'm going to... Singapore tonight. :(

I'm going to take tu-tu-train there tonight, and seriously i HOPE the train is not cancel due to the flood. I've been checking the Facebook newsfeed, read alot about the flood in segamat especially. Flooding in cny is the worst cny ever. This is totally beyond our expectation. Godbless those victims. Really, stop the rain :(

my stupid overjoyed face when thinking about singapore :D

I would really cry if i couldn't go to singapore :(

I've been missing this city like hell. I wanna go to universal studio sooooooooooo badly!

Roomie new toys from MCD.
Align Center

Took my camera to fix ytd, and the uncle says repairing it need around RM300! Freaking 300 bucks! Wont be so stupid so fix it since RM300 is way too expensive, i can get a new one if i add on another RM200. isn't?

Mom decided to sponsor me half and i have gotta work hard to seek for money. And so guys, if ever ever seen any advertisement on my blog PLEASE CLICK IT. amoi need this money to purchase a new camera :(

and also the links i've been sharing on facebook. Just click click click and i can earn money! Interested in joining that one? Click here to join it! True, it can earn money just by advertise those links in your social networking site, like facebook, twitter... :)

Arigato to all ppl that click for me! I appreciate that!!

justin bieber - That Should Be Me!

" that should be me holding your hand, that should be me, making you laugh, that should be me this is so sad.... "

Awwwww nice song from justin.

Lastly, wish you guys a happy chinese new year! Let's pray there is no more RAIN!!!

and to all my friends!! :)

Going back to the bed for a short nap. going out for breakfast later! I am fungry!!!

once again, 恭喜发财!

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