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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Post - Current Top Favourite Song

Out of the sudden, feel like blogging now :O

Ngehehehe, so spare me, perhaps i'm going to be a lil' random on this post. I will just post watever things thats on my mind. :D

Okay, regarding on the blog title - Current Top Favourite Song, i am gonna share the songs that top my playlist nowadays.

1) All About Him - Auburn

'Cause i'm all about him him him him him , and he's all about me, me, me, me, me, we don't give a dang dang dang dang dang, about nobody e-e-e-e '

Dangggg, i'm officially hooked up with this song! Oh yeah, love it to the max! It's been such a long time i never be like, crazy over a song and play it over and over again, so now yeah, ALL ABOUT HIM definitely replace all those songs :D

2) The Ready Set - Love Like Woe

Ermmmm, i guess im addicted to this song because HITZ.FM plays this song up to 10times per day LOL. Whenever i'm in the car, the radio must be playing this song, consequently i'm addicted to it as well. Overall, not bad lah. haha

3) Homecoming - Dirty Money ft Skylar Grey'

I'm coming home i'm coming home, tell the world i'm coming home, let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday......

Perfect song to describe how much i miss my home! Man, i miss home like crazy! It's been 2months plus i never go back.. I'm going home next wednesday! i'm soooooooooo excited!

I should used to it, because my hometown is soooo far away :(


I hope when my mom come pick me at the airport this time, she will not screaming like " WAH YING WHY ARE U SO FAT!!!!!!!!!! "

Ahhhh! Where got mom always insult her daughter one! But mom is always like that, 讲一套,做一套!

Say me fat, then keep ask me " hey how about i bake this for you today? hey wanna try my fruit tarts? fei po, u wanna eat cheese cake?! "

Lalala whatever :D

first dye

Dyed and chopped my hair few days ago. Sighhh, i have such a super duper dark tone hair. I tried Liese, it doesn't work on my hair, only a slightly brown colour. Then i went to saloon, first day i dyed, it didn't work as well. :(

I'm just lucky because i dyed my hair at my boyf's fren's shop, so he asked me to go his shop once again to dye again. FOC :P thankssss

pathetic right, got to dye twice only got colour :(

so this is the outcome of the 2nd dye. :D

and chopped my fringe and hair a little. though the hair colour isn't that bright because i dare not to dye bright colour as my mom will definitely kill me :P

okay now, i'm officially ready for Chinese New Year with my new look!

Enjoy reading!!! And someone, PLEASE ENCOURAGE ME TO STUDY NOW!

till then, hugs&kisses ♥♥♥

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