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Sunday, January 23, 2011


FYI, i just tweeted

" Must sleep earlier and drink more water from now onwards! Pimples are popping out. =( "

- 43minutes ago

and existence on :S

Blogging mode is soooo ON recently.

My current status? here you go, I AM SO LAZY TO STUDY!

Back to topic,

( Don't ever think to study in MCD, EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR )

p/s: this is for little miss splendid only.

I just got back from there around an hrs ago. Thought of sambil accompany bf watch ball and sambil do revision, so in the end what i did? I will list down here :)

- Went to window shopping in parkson alone.

@#$%^& CNY SALES is here again! I control myself not to buy anything anymore since i'm soooo damnnnnn pokkai. my current mindset - MUST NOT THINK OF THOSE SALES ANYMORE.

- Ate fries and had coke. (Nearly bought fillet-o-fish and sundae strawberry)

LOL right? Whenever i got bored, then definitely i'm craving for food again. Sweat! And the uncles beside my table had prosperity burger which tempted my appetite! oh crap, i just had my dinner earlier. And yesh i controlled myself again, i just had a big fries and coke. Hoho i'm so proud of myself!!!!

- Non-stop chit-chatting and talking craps

NON STOP. as usual lol....


again, as usual. lol

And the noises made by those whatsoever-so-called-skater-boys were completely distracting and annoying! I have no idea why they wanna build this kind of thing beside mcd. Don't they know some ppl just don't like being disturbed when eating?


Foong looking at lenglui. :0

Honestly, for my own opinion, studying at mcd is really the worst idea ever even i did so many times and i learned nothing eventually. I'm the kind of ppl that canot be distracted during studying, especially temptation of shopping malls, food, etc etc etc. Hahaha

Ok i gotta admit i'm so easily to be distracted. Hahahah!

Off to sleep nao. Gotta make my tomorrow a productive one. I have to freaking start my study.

Goodnites earthlings :)

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