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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BELATED Last Christmas II

Apologize, this post is way too belated as i was quite busy for the last 2 weeks. I know it's been ages since Christmas passed, but i die die also wanna share how much i had fun during my christmas eve and christmas! :P

I had a real awesome Christmas eve spent with my KB friends! Yea right, they were my guests during the Christmas! They had their stpm last month and right after that week they came by Malacca to visit me :)

I've been anticipating for this trip and the most anticipated one was to tease those guys! Hahaha i used to tease them since in secondary school. BUT they bully me too!!! =(

This snowman was actually made of plastic water bottles!

Brought them over Jusco to shop for CNY clothes on the first day. It got more hilarious when i saw the guys carry a hell lots of clothings in Brands Outlet. Okay i know it does not sounds funny but yes it was! Hahaha. alright i know im easy to be amuse. But their looks are really funny!!! I kept recall back the look of Steve! HAHAHA. (okay u can actually ignore me)

Jonker Street is a must when every tourist drop by Malacca.Jonker street was kinda packed that day due to festive season, yet we had lots of fun cuz we celebrated our christmas eve there. Yea, as long as with the right people, it doesn't matter whether the venue is the same old place or what. :)

The only 2 girls. Siau Hom and Qi~


Obviously a sissy and 2 gay santas :P


Booked a table outside the bar, which i dont know the name all i know is it located beside eleven bar. Chilled and brainstormed for game session later on with the beers before the clock reached 12am. OMGod, so many things to laugh about that night, including someone actually nose-bleed when drank too much alcohol, someone got drunk and vomit, someone got too hyped-up, we all stood up on the chairs and all etc etc..

awwwww, i miss those time already :(

the beer tower :D

Me with the cute-cup-with-light

The pictures of this trip were extremely FEW. Know what's the reason? because TAN YIBI was absent! She is the pro-snapper ALL THE TIME i tot can snap more pic but she fong me fei kei at the last minute :( stupid yibi.

Sing K, movies, were the memories we NEVER HAD in kota bharu. we don't need blame, cuz we had so much fun at the beach at KB too, right? :P photos so i will keep it as secret what we did okay?! and ask JACKY MA what he did in the hotel that made me laugh until now! :DDDDD shhhhhh

Last day of the trip, we had asam laksa and cendol as the brunch. glad that all of them love it. hahaha.

so shall you guys visit me again? :)

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