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Friday, January 7, 2011

The 200th post.

It's been a long day since yesterday.. Apparently, 2011 isn't a good year for me. I always believe that when the starting is bad, it will always be bad. I know, predicting future isn't my forte, it is GOD's job, yet i could see it much clearer now.

What had happened already happened, what i just seen already been saved in my memory forever and ever. How much i wish i can have a "delete" button on me and delete all those shits that kept me thinking the whole day long.

Always thought that will never ever happen on me yet it literally just happened. for god's sake, what did i done and had such a karma like this? That was really hurtful. A person you had trusted throughout all this while, technically betrayed you.

For the 20years i've been through, never had such a dramatic scene before. The dramatic rate totally overrated. Fuck those shits and also the pathetic intruder.

Once, enough. Twice, MORE than enough. Thrice, i'm going to say nothing but left as soon as possible.

Even the twice, already reached the stage that could not be forgiven. Yet, i know i just can't let go. But this is not promising, in the future i don't know whether i can take it or not. Being a dumbass for all this while is not something to be proud of, i felt shameful. That was really disappointed, never had such a huge disappointment.

Seriously, why? I still don't understand why would that happened? Whenever i think about that, i started to ponder again. Why would that happened? Why?? Still don't get a fucking clue.

Undeniably, in this relationship you did give in, i did as well. I give in all my faith and still, i got such a reciprocation from you. Pathetic shit.

To be frank, what you just did already caused us a forever obstacles. Most importantly, thanks to you mighty princess. You're such a great girl that hate an attached guys so much when they are looking at other girls instead of their girlfriend. Don't you know you just fucking destroy the trust he build all this while and ruined our relationship?

I am always being mean to someone i hate, and now it is you. Stop being a faker that you hate so much about bad guys yet you're just another bitchy slut that destroyed others relationship. Yes, i'm a very mean girl, and look at yourself, you are just another one. You can be so fucking kind in front of everyone else yet you're just another fucking bitch that stabbed behind others.

So, are you happy now seeing us like this? Yea, you must be saying, not entirely your fault......whatever shits that are trying to explain you're such an innocent angel. Whatever, you know what you did and he knew what he did as well.

Dear princessie, please be gone of my life forever. Wake up from your so-called fairy tales, and get a fucking prince.

I never be that pissed but now yes i'm. Basically, i always blog to vent my anger, unfortunately this time is not going to work. You just fucking caused a scar on this relationship, and don't need to be regret. Because you just did a bravo job that unveil your true colours. Oh mighty princessie.

Lastly, please, fucking get rid of my world. Go and live forever in your own world.

you just fucking ruined my 2011 and relationship. GTH.

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