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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why Glee?

I'm so gonna dedicated this blog to Glee!

Alright, let's start from why do i know about Glee.Basically i knew it from my dear cousin, Steven who is far far away from me now.He introduced me a hell lot of best series/reality show. I'm glad that he is the one so understand me, we really have a same taste. How much i wish he was still at somewhere near me, so we can share our thoughts after the drama. How much i wish... =(

That was right after Glee Season 1 released he introduced me. Honestly, i don't really watch the entire episode of season 1 because i was literally busy and i had such a bad internet connection that wouldn't allow me to download any dramas. I just watched what cousin left it in my laptop.

What really inspired me to blog this is because, i used to receive negative comments about Glee, in music aspect. But really, was that bad? I couldn't tell how BAD was that, all i know, Glee's song are all awesome!

What i gotta admit is the story line of Glee really wasn't that good. Somehow, it was really boring. I often skip the boring part to the scene where they started to perform a song. And listening to the songs they performed, totally can made my day. Fact is, i can repeat it up to five times at once!

I love to listen how they cover of the hitz songs especially, how they did acapella, and when they sing, totally harmonized. Love it.

Forget you

I prefer their version than Katy Perry's!

Glee is so famous across the global now, from what we can see here, they have so many Glee-freak. There must be a reason inside, right?

Do not understand why there are still people who like to criticize it. If you know music, i bet you will love glee to the max. Alright, let's talk in song wise.

I always think Will is very sexy man and he sings really well!

The current highest repeated song in my play list

I love music, i always love music Just that i was not persistent enough when i learned music last time, because my piano teacher was really a fierce one. After finish my Grade 8 certificate, i did not continue my diploma, it was also due to my SPM examination. Now ever since i back to my hometown, i still play my piano, almost everyday.

I was once the choir member during primary and secondary school too. And do not say i'm so oh-piang that i love listening to malaysia's patriotic songs, the choir version of course. Eh, nice lah if you really found a choir team can perform very well. Ok lah, this one is only my opinion.

Fyi i listen to every kind music. from Jay Chou to Chopin. Hahaha. And i appreciate the existence of Chopin. He was such a music genius omg! God best creature ever!

I'm done here. Feel free to listen every video i posted on the post, they are pieces of arts.

Overall i just hope there is someone who can share the same thoughts as me. :)

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