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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Shopping Queens and Kings

Hey peepos, as i promised i will update my blog with the shopping trip!! Finally, i'm kinda a bit released due to bbf midterm already over, yet, i gotta admit i totally screwed the paper up.

This is the first time of this semester that when i look at the paper i was like OMFG! And i made so many mistakes! Ok damn, guess tat's the thing happened when you put less effort on it.

There will be a the last but the toughest paper to go nx week. Wish me lucks people. On the brighter note, Christmas is knocking the door! Alright, seriously i have no idea why am i feeling so enthusiastic about the Christmas which i don usually celebrate it. Ohh, btw, there are guests for me this festive season! =)

So, shopping queens and kings yeah? We defo deserve the crown of the shopping king and queen.

Last last week, we actually went to kl to shop for our chinese new year bargains. Times Square, Sungai Wang & Pavillion. Shopping always made my day!

The actual plan was 8 people for the trip which excluded the bf, but at the very last minute i dragged him there as well. Hiak hiak. :P

Guess you guys familiar with this man around bukit bintang area.

My darlings said how much they hated me while shopping together with me, because when they were considering whether to buy or not, i will persuade them to buy. Keep on mumbling beside their ears so that they will buy. Hahaha.

Ahaha my point was, to ask them buy before they regret. Because i always got very regret when i saw the stuff and didn't buy at the end. So, whenever i'm home, i will start to think throughout the night!

Snowflake @ Pavillion

From TS switched to Pavillion, all because of the boredness of the guys. Aha, shopping definitely not their thing. We just cannot leave them like that in wan jin the whole day!

So we went to Pavi around eve. Before that, we stopped by Uniqlo and met a very famous blogger. *wink

It is true that snowflake comes in a quite a big portion, kinda stuff with that.

We bought a hot dessert. And thumbs up to this!
IDK whats the name ad lah.

Boyf's ice cold dessert. And he loves it ttm!


Guess who is this? He just permed his MCD's hair! Aha!

All of us were very sua gu that day that we didn't know the use of the UFO stuffie. We were totally impressed with the gadget! It actually blinks when your order is ready! Hahaha. Yalah we really sua gu mah, didn't have such thing in Melaka what =(

HAHA Roommate and me more sua gu!

And i quickly snapped this for apple when the food are ready!

My favourite durian icecream! Bought at durian-durian.

The texture of this ice cream is 99% like a durian. Sweet~ I love it!

Before we leave Pavi......

The love birds :)

Set we go to Alor Kai. Ok, i was totally disgusted by the hawkers there. As they were being TOO FRIENDLY & HELPFUL! U know, the point they behave like that just to sell their food. They surrounded us once we settled down, and you can't even make your own decision, it is like they help you to choose what you gonna eat. Le Sigh.

Already sweaty and exhausted enough, but you got to deal with the annoying hawkers like this. Ohh, no more next time i swear!

The food i ordered was like RM14.90. And i didn't even know what i ordered, and what was the price. The hawker decided for me. alright...and that food was some kind of soup lah, but i just literally don't like it at all! lol wtf.

Subway @ SGWang

The next morning we got up and ready for shop again. But the second day, i did not buy any single stuff! Haaa, so proud. The second day was the shopping day for the guys. They did quite a lot of shopping that day.

Had subway before we going back to Melaka.

Goodbye shopping paradise, i shall be back again! And i'm very looking forward to my CNY so that i can have my pretty dresses/clothes on me!

Pretty satisfied with stuff i bought :D

Camwhore before leaving. Tsk tsk.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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